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Matt Ryan (Smart or #####?)

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i want to say #####, but it is fairly common for top five prospects not to complete full workouts. calvin wasn't even planning on running last year, he was jsut talked into it at the end.

Many of the QB's prefer to workout at their own pro-day. they know the receivers, they feel comfortable with their timing with the recievers, and it's not as much pressure on them as it would be throwing at the combine. Ryan knows all of the scouts will be at his pro-day, so he's not worried about that. why not workout where you know you will have the best chance of success. the combine, in all honesty is really only about mid-late round players that NEED to improve their draft stock IMO.

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scott hartley (2/22/2008)
It's smart. Why drop to the 3rd round after displaying your puny arm when you can sit on your ##### and only drop a few spots. I'll tell you one thing though, I think that automatically eliminates him from the top 5.

I am praying that you are right. he does not belong in the top 5 and any thoughts of the Falcons drafting him at #3 or trading with Miami to draft him #1 overall just makes me wanna puke

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Well, this is no surprise ...

Matt Ryan chooses not to throw the ball at the Combine, and half of the Falcons fanbase think it is because he's afraid ...

Even i know, that Matt Ryans agent Tom Condon often won't let his QB's throw at the Combine.

Peyton Manning didn't throw the ball at the combine

Eli Manning didn't throw the ball at the combine

JaMarcus Russell didn't throw the ball at the combine ....

But were they afraid, and didn't wan't to expose themselfes ????

Or is Tom Condon simply a lot smarter than the majority of this MB???

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Case25 (2/22/2008)
He is just doing what any good agent would tell him to do.... lots of players at different positions skip out on combine exercises to keep there value right where it is.......

McFadden isn't running, but i think he will do other exercises.....

Doesn't mean anything.......


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I'm no hugger or hater of Ryan, but my guess is that he's being advised to skip the throwing stuff so that his stock/value can't be be hurt. There's certainly enough video of his play last season, and it was his 2007 performance that's the genesis of all of the hype that has him projected as a top 5 pick in many mock drafts.

Watching a game video can be used subjectively when trying to compare players at the same position; however, at the combine coaches get to watch players compete virtually side by side in identical evaluation drills under the same conditions. While these drills don't measure the non-physical elements of a players game, they provide additional data that coaches and GM's need to help ID those who have potential for success in the NFL.

I believe that many of the top prospects have used this same logic over the years to protect their pre-combine value, while lesser hyped players use the combine to raise their stock price/value.

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