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Giants-Falcons trade talks


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scott hartley (2/22/2008)
jamnesiac34 (2/22/2008)
First, Fleetwood Mac rocks.

Second, check the front page of the AJC

Uhhh no they don't. you probably like the eagles too. ya 97.1 the river rocks!! No-z93 rocked.

I don't dig the Eagles that much. But thanks for turning this football related topic into a musical one and attempting to insult my musical taste. It's members like you that make this board the outstanding board that it is.

So back to football and the actual subject of this topic. I've seen several posts on the MB here that say ESPN is covering this now and that Washington, Dallas, and the Giants might be interested.

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Washington couldn't afford a waterboy with their current cap situation...they are also reported to be interested in Chad Johnson so if that tells you anything it means this is a two way race between the Giants and the Cowboys and the Giants won't offer much more than the 31st overall and maybe an additional second day pick. I highly doubt the Cowboys will do anything with the 1st round picks other than pick the best players available. Jones is pretty high on McFadden though... can we say 22nd & 28th pick for #3 pick and McFadden?

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