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Top talent evaluators in NFL


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I just picked this up from ESPN.com, John Clayton

He identifies what he considers the best 5 talent evaluators among NFL teams. No the Falcons are not in the list. But his top pick to no surprise is New England. TD spent large part of his career in this organization being involved with the talent evaluation. We need to leave him and MS alone and let them build this team. It will take time, but I believe this is the way we have to go. Now if we can only get Arthur to execercise patience and let them do the the football business!!!

Here are the top five draft evaluators heading into the combine.

1. New England Patriots -- Of the top five, the Patriots have the fewest of their own draft choices on the roster (27), but that's only because their roster doesn't provide many openings. Coach Bill Belichick and general manager Scott Pioli know exactly what they want every year. Despite an abundance of draft choices in 2007, both knew first-round safety Brandon Meriweather was the only rookie with a chance to stick. Belichick needs smart, versatile players who fit his offensive or defensive system.

As evaluators, they are patient and smart. The offensive line was built through the draft. Now, New England has three Pro Bowl offensive linemen. The defensive line has three former first-rounders. Belichick finds role players for his secondary who give him a chance to adjust game plans and personnel for each game. No coach in football does a better job of knowing the strengths and limitations of the players on his roster. In the draft, Belichick and Pioli might not go for the big names, but they find the smart player who can learn and fit within the team concept. It's one of the big reasons the Patriots have a 91-37 regular-season record since 2000, best in football.

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