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Thoughts on James Hardy..


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Anyone have any thoughts on James Hardy, WR from Indiana?

He's 6-6 (or some say 6-7!), 220 Lbs.

I heard him on NFL Radio today and he sounded intellegent and motivated.

Named Big 10 offensive player of the year, 79 catches for 1,125 yards, with a 14.2 yd avg.

Sounds pretty good to me. Has anyone seen him play, as I have not?

Just wondering what you guys think.

There's a write up on him here: http://www.nfldraftscout.com/ratings/playe...sxpos&order=ASC


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papikaika (2/21/2008)
Wasn't Rashard Mendenhall Big Ten Offensive PLayer of the year?

Yes, you are right. Mendenhall was Off player of the year.

I was reading here: http://www.nfldraftscout.com/ratings/playe...sxpos&order=ASC

and it says he was "named the league's Offensive player of the year" BY RIVALS.COM!

Sorry, didn't see the rivals.com part! My bad.

Anyway, I went to youtube and searced for him. Dude can catch the ball!!! Wouldn't mind having him here, if our scouts like him.

Here's a couple of highlight links:


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Hardy is an intriguing prospect. He is big and runs routes very well. He also has phenomenal hands. I don't know if I am confusing him with another WR prospect, but I believe that he ran into problems at North Carolina. If he is the guy that I am thinking of, he went to his new college and matured.

The most interesting thing about Hardy is that he has suffered from undiagnosed visual problems his whole life. He was finally tested and found to have extremely poor vision. He subsequently had corrective eye surgery last year and he dramatically improved, on the field.

I like him as a possession receiver in the mold of Plaxico Burress.

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I've seen him play a couple of times b/c I live in Indy. He's always reminded me of a much better Brian Finneran. He's not going to blow by anybody, but he'll catch anything in his area. The type of guy you want on 3rd down. He's definately the type of WR you throw the fade to at the goalline if all else fails.

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