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Asante's carreer stats


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formul8or (2/21/2008)
1. CB success is largely derived from DL success of which we haven't had the past 2 years.

2. CB's flourish in New England's system.

3. Samuel has already sat out for money reasons before, at least Hall hasn't done that yet.

i agree. a season like this past one really shows how great Deangelo hall is. He got 5 ints and shutdown a lot of receivers last year. Most teams just gave up throwing his way and just mauled houston and sanders. If we actually have a Dline that does something (CMON JAMAAL ANDERSON!)(CMON DT's STOP GETTING INJURED) then i believe we will see both Hall and Houston flourish. We need safeties with better recovery speed to work the Cover 2 to perfection, cause we already know Houston and Hall are fast.

I believe in this draft we can really become an upper echelon team if we use our high drafts picks 80% on defensive players. Ellis or Dorsey should be our #1 pick. Grab another DT in FA or settle with Trey Lewis getting better. We will need LE help, hopefully Anderson just get better or thats the biggest waste of a draft pick in a while. We have a very good core of LB'ers but a TRUE Mlb would be nice. We'll see what happens with Brooking sometime in the near future. RESIGN BOLEY!! Dmo should be resigned too but if we want to get bigger at that postion and/or move brooking back to WLB then that would be a good move. Like I said we need faster safeties. Milloy lacks coverage skills so i fully expect him to be cut in wave 2 or 3 of cuts and besides hes not that fast. THis will be Jimmy Williams' chance to shine and become our FS.

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musicman (2/21/2008)
Now I know who the best man is, stats dont lie. And I think Hall is a good corner but if he's not happy being a falcon then lets target Asante, he is a better CB.

K, so besides you butchered the word career*, i thought you would at least post Asante's career stats....?

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