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falcon Draft 2008

KJW 23

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Not bad. The first three picks look pretty familiar, though I personally think that Baker is a better guard than tackle. I'd actually prefer somebody like a Jamie Silva to Tom Zbikowski, but I have nothing against Zbikowski. I like the Schuenning pick, but he got completely dominated in the north practices at the Senior Bowl against the guy that you have us taking first(Ellis). I'm not a huge fan of Chris Harrington, but I don't know too much about him, either, so I won't jump on that. I like Moffitt. Paul Smith = no.

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KJW 23 (2/21/2008)
L.Rover (2/20/2008)
Paul Smith is not the answer at QB, so that is a huge problem, plus I don't really like Zbikowski.

"D.J. Shockley is the answer at QB":D:)

I would really rather not let the fate of our franchise rest in the development of DJ Shockley. Nothing would make me happier than seeing him have a break-out season, but because the odds are against that, we have to plan, and Paul Smith is not an adequate plan.

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Dude. Besides the first pick. There's nothing good about this mock. Sorry..

1st Round Sedrick Ellis (DT);)

Sedrick is a good pick at number one. But I think the falcons will go for Dorsey.

2nd Round Sam Baker (OT):ermm:

This guy might be overhyped. Besides in the high 2nd round picks you can still get Gosder Cherilus, Carl Nicks and maybe even Chris williams might fall. You just never no.

2nd Round From Houston Red Bryant (DT) :doze:

Let me see. TWO DT in the first two rounds???? Don't think so. We have to many holes to fill. And anyway Bryant isn't going to go this high. The falcons need a QB or RB in this round. Maybe even a MLB. (QB Chad Henne, Joe Flacco. RB Matt Forte, Jamaal Charles*, MLB Curtis Lofton*, Phil Wheeler, Jerod Mayo* would be my choice)

3rd Round Roy Schuening (OG) :pinch:

This is to high to take a OG. The falcons have other areas to fill. Like the ones I name above. You have to get a RB or MLB at this spot. (MLB Phil Wheeler, RB Matt Forte If we get a QB and OT in the second.

4th Round Tom Zbikowski (FS) :smooooth:

Zbikowski won't go this high. He will be a 5 or 6th rounder.. Maybe the falcons will look at DE. Abe is getting old. And he can't seem to stay healthy two years in a row. DE Jeremy Thompson.

5th Round Chris Harrington (DE) :hehe:

Maybe a CB is the way to go here. CB Jack Ikegwuonu. He has some off the field issues, but we can work on them. I think that's why he's going to drop this far.

6th Round Ben Moffitt (OLB):crazy:

I think the falcons will address this issue (LB) early in the draft. OLB isn't the problem. It's the MLB. So in the 6th round I would try for a Good Return man. If there's still one on the board. How about WR Dexter Jackson. He maybe gone by that time but who knows. We may get lucky.

7th Round Kory Lichtensteiger (OG):satisfied:

If there's still any good Kickers on the board. We get one here. (Doesn't matter who)

7th Round From Pittsburgh Paul Smith (QB):Whistling:

I'm not as high on Paul as some. Maybe OT Barry Richardson if he's still around. Maybe we can get him to where he wants to work every play. Kind of a lazy player in college. But good at times.

JMO.. :D

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