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Border fence causes property to become "condemned"

Self Made Soul

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So, border fence goes up, and a large number of properties that happen to be in its way just happen to become too dilapidated for people to live in.

Except of course golf courses, resorts, and the personal property of the politically connected. In one case, the wall will tear through the land of one private landowner, then have a gap across the land of a politically connected landowner, and then resume on the other side.

Fortunately, illegal imigrants will realize that that person is more "powerful",nand they shouldn't cross there. Right? :hehe:

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I can relate to this subject because the city of Austell condemmed part of our property to put in a sewer line to a neighborhood that we fought to stop.

We had to get a lawyer to get any money from them, fair market value.

This is what I don't get. Area 51 is the most secure place on planet earth. They know your there before you get close to it.

There isn't a fence......that you can see.

So why can't that be done to protect our southern as well as northern border?

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