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Is "Substance" the new "Flip-Flop"?


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thesouphead (2/20/2008)
McCain is running with it too....

yep. that will be the strategy, but you'd think they'd see that hillary hasn't made it work yet and that's been her m.o. since the "experience" argument didn't work like she thought it would.

funny thing is his strategy is very similar to bush's '00 strategy. change from a washington outsider. win it on personality and by charming the public.

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Steve_Bartkowski (2/20/2008)
prolikewhoa (2/20/2008)
I can see it building up now.

"Empty speeches!!", "No substance!!"

To answer your question, no. Even though Obama is misrepresenting McCain's quotes right now (the 100 years thing) I think McCain is handling Obama with kid gloves right now. The gloves will come off in a few months.

Yeah....Obama should repeat MCain's whole quote to be more fair. :Whistling:

"one hundred years, one thousand years, ten thousand years or until the earth collapses under global climate change.

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