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Obama Got Lucky . . . JACKPOT LUCKY . . . To Have Clinton as an Opponent


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I'm just making this up but think this through: Obama's candidacy is, to borrow a term, audacious for a first term senator with no other national experience or executive political office. Certainly, given his incredible oratory gift, his most vulnerable attack is the now well worn "All fluff, no substance" line delivered ad nauseum by Hillary Clinton.

But the thing about attack ads is that they don't work very well when the unlikeable candidate attacks the likable candidate. Especially when the likable one is the underdog. Twice, Clinton has gone negative, and each time, the results were Obama victories far beyond any pre race polling. (South Carolina and Wisconsin).

Hillary's well earned reputation is that she's a beyatch. So the credibility of her attacks, and their effectiveness, were severely blunted as just bullying. A different kind of candidate might have been far more effective with that line of attack. Perhaps a candidate who has tremendous experience, is a war hero, and generally popular among independents.

And, McCain went right for the same spot tonight.

But . . . now it just sounds old. We've all already heard it, processed it, and disregarded it as either not important or not accurate. McCain now sounds like he's piling on and almost out of touch. Sure, his base likes it. He got a HUGE ovation from his supporters tonight. But it's going to turn off the independents that would otherwise make him a viable candidate.

If the nomination had been between just Edwards and Obama, or even just Richardson, especially just Richardson, the style/substance attack would have been extremely effective and Obama might have had to wait . . .

OR, if Clinton had just stayed positive and never gone there, Obama might still have won the nomination, but the attack coming from McCain would have been far more effective.

It's three in the morning, so this makes sense now.


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I am just happy that I was wrong after Nevada when I thought Hillary may win and hand the election to the GOP.

As for your post what I agree 100% that the attacks do not seem to work but what is most interesting is the fact that McCain is going right back to the 2004 and 2006 GOP playbook. Which was a bunch of, "you better be very afraid the terrorist are coming to get you and the dems cannot protect you" and a lot more fear mongering. Yet McCain and the GOP have a very short memory because they seem to forget the historic GOP defeats in 2006 when the fear mongering did not work.

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