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2008 Draft Top 10, Post Yours! Plus, Pick the Quinn/Knolb!


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1. Dolphins- Ellis DT- 3-4 Defense,

but Dallas DMC % high dont let JJ fool U! Parcels is in his Pocket!

2. St. Louis- Gholston DE -40 time Shocker!

3. Chris Long- Raiders- just like Dad!

4. Falcons- McFadden- To Sell Tickets and Solidify the RB Position for years-Plus, BPA.

5. KC- Ryan Clady, OT, Boise State- 55 sacks, a fix a must

Clady> Jake at pass blocking

6. Jets- Glenn Dorsey DT , Jets need a DT, lucky they get one of the Top!

7. Pats- Keith Rivers, OLB, Plus, FA Zack Thomas

8.Balt.- Brain Brohm QB- Newsome will get it right!

9. Rashard Mendenhall, RB, Illinois- The Palm with an all explosive weapon in the backfield!

10.New Orleans- Jake Long -OT- He can shutdown Jamal, maybe!

The Quinn-

(Draft Faller)-

Jake Long,

I see him falling all most out of the Top Ten,

IMO earliest 5th to KC lastest 13th to Carolins

The Knolb-

(High Riser- Draft Gurus Wrong)-

Rashard Mendenhall, RB, Illinois (JR)-

Based on some experts they think he could even go 25th to the Seahawks,

most around 18,

he should go in the Top ten with the Bengals at 9!

Just like DE Gholston, wait, till he runs he Forty^

Post Your Top Ten

Winner will be decided by number of right Spots,

If there is a Tie, we will decide who Quinn/Knolb was better!

Post YOUR Top Ten!

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