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Okay, I'm trying to figure something out


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The general opinion on these two (at least from the perspective of a lot of white people) is that they are racist clowns who get involved every time it is assumed that an African American was treated unfairly or was involved in a hate crime just so they can parade their names all over the media.

So then why is it that when a story breaks that shows a white person as a victim of a hate crime, racism, or even a regular crime that involves black-on-white crime, all the white people immediately start questioning why Jesse and Al aren't getting involved?

Do you have any idea how completely ******** that makes us white people sound when you call Jesse and Al racist clowns and then question why they're not sticking up for you when something bad happens?

You guys who blame Jesse and Al for constantly playing the race card don't realize how moronically ironic that truly is.

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morphy (2/19/2008)
Errr wait... when people do that you don't really think they want Jesse and Al stepping in do you? You realize that they are pointing out that neither Jackson nor Sharpton follow a principal when they design their activism, don't you?

That's kind of my point. Who gives a ##### if Jesse and Al aren't following a principal when they design their activism? Everyone knows who Jesse and Al are and what they're about. Continuously pointing it out only makes it look like that person wants racist clowns to stick up for them.

I understand that that isn't what people mean when they boo-hoo about Jesse and Al, but that is exactly how it looks.

I guess what I'm really trying to figure out is why the **** anyone cares what Jesse and Al do?

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There are people who truly believe that Al and Jesse are saints so to counter-act THAT stupidity, there is a larger amount of people frustrated to the point that they must point out the faults of the two in every discussion.

Its exactly the way YOU have to point out those poeple who point out those other people. :cool:

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