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Mock Draft (before Combine)

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We have a new philosophy for our team and it begins with being strong "up the middle." This is something that TD is bringing from the Patriots and Coach Smith is an advocate for it as well. One can see that with the way he built his defense in Jacksonville.

I am not going to project what FA will go after due to there being so many cuts left but I don't believe we will be take on any huge contracts at this point. We are starting to rebuild and there are too many variables for us to get into overpaying any one position and especially if it is a player who is 29 or older.

So, with that being said, he is the draft I would like to see:

1st round selection: Sedrick Ellis DT USC 6'1 308

This guy has been nothing but a beast in everyway possible. He is high character and is perfect for our scheme. This starts the "strong up the middle" strategy.

2nd round selection: Joe Flacco QB Delaware 6'6 232

Yes, he comes from a small college but he has everything a team could want in a QB. He is very intelligent, a rifle for an arm and at 6'6 he is very athletic. Due to his great showing at the Senior Bowl, it may even be a possibility that Flacco overtakes Brian Brohm in the rankings and is then taken in the 1st round. IF that is the case, then substitute Brohm as the pick for us here.

2nd round selection(Texans pick): Pat Sims DT Auburn 6'4 312

I know, I know. I am taking another DT but with the release of Coleman, we need another really good DT and this guy is awesome. The guy had a broken arm in a cast almost all season long and STILL was an All SEC 1st Team selection. The guy is tough and has a nasty attitude on the field. He and Ellis together will be unstoppable.

3rd round selection: Jamaal Charles RB Texas 6'1 200

He runs the 40 in the 4.3 range at 6'1 200 lbs. And he actually held his weight down because he runs track at Texas. So, that means he can easily put on more weight and become that "between the Tackle" type runner we need. He ran for over 1,600 yds and 18 touchdowns with a 6.3 yds per carry avg his Senior season. He is 4th all time for rushing at Texas with 3,328 yds.

3rd round selection(Kerney Pick): Tony Hills OT Texas 6'6 305

The guy graded out at 86% for blocking consistency which is awesome. He broke his fibula during the season and has dropped down the draft boards because of this. The offense averaged over 470 yds per game behind him and only averaged 400 yds and gave up 6 sacks in the two games he missed. He can play both LT or RT.

4th round selection: John Greco OT Toledo 6'5 320

This guy received an 83% grade for blocking consistency. He registered 99 knockdowns and only allowed 3 sacks all year. He played LT in college but will most likely play RT or either Guard position. He was team captain this past year which shows his leadership and has started since he was a freshman.

5th round selection: Chevis Jackson CB LSU 6'0 190

I really like Chevis Jackson but I think he will fall a bit in the draft because he doesn't have that blazing speed that so many teams are looking for. He runs right around 4.6 in the 40 but the guy has great instincts and always seems to be around the ball. He would be a great backup for us this next year and depending on what happens with Deangelo Hall, he may end up being a replacement at CB for 2009.

5th round selection: Spencer Larsen ILB Arizona 6'2 243

Larsen had 131 tackles this past year which ranked 13th in the nation and 87 solo tackles which ranked 3rd in the nation. He has 4.8 speed in the 40 which is not mind blowing but is pretty darn good for 243 lb Linebacker. He was also the Defensive Player of the Game in the East West Shrine game.

6th round selection: Barry Richardson OT Clemson 6'7 331

The guy is MASSIVE. He was a 4 year starter for Clemson but the knock on him is his consistency. He seems to have a brain cramp or two during a game. Now, at LT, that can be absolutely glaring but at RT or at Guard, he can make a few mistakes and its not the end of the world. He could be a diamond in the rough at this pick and add more size and depth to our OLine.

7th round selection: Marcus Monk WR Arkansas 6'6 218

Coming into the 2007 College season, Monk was one of the most talked about WRs in the country. He had a surgery on his knee for a slight tear and was out for most of the season. Word is that he has recovered nicely and will be ready for the beginning of Training Camp. He runs a 4.55 40 which is pretty good for a guy his size and he flat out catches EVERYTHING that comes his way. He would be a great posession receiver for us and a great pick up in the 7th round.

7th round selection: Corey Lynch FS Appalachian St. 6'1 204

Corey was an All Southern Conference 1st Team Selection and was Defensive Player of the Year voted by the coaches and media. He racked up 111 tackles with 71 solo tackles. His 40 time is around 4.6 and has a nose for the ball and big hits. He reads plays very quickly and gives great run support as well as coverage. This guy is a player.


Brandon Coutu K Georgia

Mikey Henderson KR/WR Georgia

Drew Atchison TE William and Mary

Trevor Scott DE Buffalo

Whew. That took a while.

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This is a pretty good mock IMO. I'm a little weary about waiting that long for OL help, but if we add a veteran FA at either OT or OG, it will be a little better.

I'm glad to see people start mentioning Chevis Jackson. I personally don't think he will drop that far, primarily because teams know that he's not going to put up ridiculous numbers at the Combine, but he's just a really good Cover 2 CB. He's probably my favorite player in the draft. Nice work.

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You may be right about Jackson and I have seen him listed as a 4th round selection but I just have a feeling that the combine is going to raise some unknown CBs in front of Chevis due to the speed issue.

Now, I believe that the Combine is overrated and that you should go more on what they did on the field but alot of these GMs just love the "workout warriors."

I would love to see Chevis in a Falcons uniform.

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I'm not sold on Flacco and I think taking him that high is a bad pick when there will be a lot of better players at other positions available. That said, I think you wait too long to address the offensive line, and taking two DTs with 2 of our first 3 picks is excessive. I like the Tony Hills pick though.

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I understand your thoughts about drafting 2 DTs in the first three picks but I am going on what we need and not whats sexy. Also, we have a new philosophy of "strong up the middle" and this would certainly do it and do it in an unbelievable way.

I also am drafting without including FAs because the cuts are just happening. This was merely a draft that focuses on what TD and Coach Smith are desiring for this team.

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Guest Libid21

This is a good draft, but the drafting of another NT when we already have Trey Lewis doesn't make sense. If we were to draft another NT, we would draft one in the later round and pick up another positional need with that pick especially considering how early that pick is.

Tony Hills will need at least one year to effectively become a starting left tackle in a POWER run blocking scheme.

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