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No Quarterbacks taken in the Top 20?

David Ethan

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There's a belief in some league circles that no quarterbacks will be among the first 20 players selected in the 2008 draft.

The top two quarterbacks on the board are, for now, Brian Brohm of Louisville and Matt Ryan of Boston College. But Brohm isn't regarded as having much arm strength and Ryan is thought to be lacking in athletic ability.

Another wildcard in this process is quarterback Rex Grossman, currently of the Bears. Grossman is scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent. Despite his flaws, he has extensive game experience and he can be had for a much lower price, and without giving up a draft pick. Also, the process of trying to get Grossman to become a more consistent player might be easier than getting Ryan or Brohm ready for NFL action.

Other free-agent options at quarterback include Todd Collins of the Redskins, Cleo Lemon of the Dolphins, and Daunte Culpepper of the Raiders.

If Brohm and Ryan fade, it would be the first time that a quarterback is not selected in the first 20 picks since 1997, when Jim Druckenmiller was the first quarterback off the board at No. 26. The next quarterback drafted that year was Jake Plummer at No. 42. In 2000, Chad Pennington was the first quarterback selected at No. 18.

If that were the case, there couldn't be any better news for the Falcons. If this were indeed the case, we can get our guy at #3-#5 (please be Chris Long) and then be in position to trade up for Brohm or Ryan if they fall out of the top 20 or take Flacco or Henne in the second.

my ideal offseason:

draft Chris Long #3 overall

trade D-Hall for a pick around 17-23, draft R. Mendenhall

draft Flacco with first pick in second rd

pay A. Samuel whatever the **** he wants.

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grendel (2/19/2008)
We'd better get more than a late 1st for Hall. He was a #8 pick when we took him, and he's exceeded expectations.

I agree, especially when you consider that Cincinnatti took Leon Hall last year at #10. I personally believe he's worth a top 7 pick and if we trade him in the scenario I presented, I'd want a second and third this year and a second next year on top

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