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featherz17 (2/18/2008)
Falcon4Life (2/18/2008)

Wrong. I heard yesterday on SportsCenter that crump is gettin tarrgeted by the Panthers. Look at my topic on "Talk About Falcons"

:rolleyes: Only one team can be interested at a time.

Wrong !!! :laugh:

I bet atleast a dozen teams are interested.How many really go after them will probably be a handfull.
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I hope Coleman goes to either Caro or Tampa. Its no secret, run right at him, he's a speed bump against the run.

As for Crump saying he wanted to go to Caro out of college, I guess that would be natural being a Tar Heel.

Loved Crump fopr years but the bottom line is, who cares, we are moving forward.

I agree with a previous statement or someones sig. Players come and go, I'm a Falcons fan. All you people that are so loyal to your player, they don't give a rats butt about you. Its all about chasing Benjamin!


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