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A Safety Free Agent Signing anyone?


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With Crocker not likely to be resigned and Lawyer Milloy likely to be released, our safety position would become last ranked instantly as both Jimmy Williams and Daren Stone, while have potential, may still have not proven themselves and may not be good enough to start. We've been freeing up a lot of cap space, and quite possibly, we may be looking to sign a FA safety this year. Madieu Williams is likely to change teams as the Bengals just tagged Stacy Andrews and it'll be highly unlikely that they can hang on to both Justin Smith and Williams.

Ken Hamlin is also a likely candidate because while the Cowboys could franchise tag him - I don't see that happening. Hamlin does not exactly deserve a contract worth an average of the top 3 safeties - considering the fact that the top 3 include Bob Sanders, Ed Reed, Troy Polamalu, etc. The Cowboys may also be low on cap space as they did have I believe 11? probowlers last year.

Both Hamlin and Williams have a lot of potential, and are pretty young at the respective ages of 27 and 26.

Plus, it's highly unlikely that we will trade down and draft Kenny Phillips - though if that does happen, we probably won't need the help of Hamlin or Williams.

Just a thought guys...

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SCfalconfan (2/18/2008)
I'd stay far away from anyone associated with the Bengals pass defense. Hamlin would be a good option. I think the Jaguars have a S that is a free agent this year as well.

dont let the bengals pass defense fool you, madieu williams is a stud. thats like saying d. hall is not that good cause are pass de wasnt very good. i would much rather have williams over hamlin and i really think one either gibril wilson, williams or hamlin will be a falcon.

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Henry is a serviceable undercontract CB and works in the scheme they have devised with Williams at the other Safety. There has been no talk of Henry going to safety here. The only talk would be if they could not satisfy Hamlin and drafted a CB high.

Hamlin just left Seattle. He likes the 'Boys. He likes winning. He likes money and Jerry will give it to him. He IS NOT under the Dallas radar

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