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This is a rant I put in another Blank-bashing thread. I think I'm just going to copy & paste it into all the new ones that come up every hour. Have a nice day! :)

I swear, I don't think some of ya'll cold survive w/out spewing daily venom about this team.

I have no problem w/people questioning Blank, as he HAS given us reason to question some of his moves. The manner in which some of you go about it is another story. "What has he done for this franchise besides pushing MV in a wheelchair..." puh-leez. Now feel free to correct me if I have any of this stuff wrong, but didn't McKay have more to do w/hiring Quitrino, and Blank had more to do w/hiring Mora? (at least according to many on this board) So who had the better tenure as a coach? And I honestly don't know if he had anything to do w/MV being here or not. Some conspiracy theorists seem to think so. Either way, how did that turn out for us, huh? If you are/were a fan of YKW, then why complain about trying to keep the guy happy here for a looooooong time if you really believed he was going to lead us to a SB? If anything, ya'll should be b*tchin more about McKay and anyone else who had say in personnel matters, not Blank. I got no problem w/Blank marketing anybody on this team whether it's MV, MBoley, KBrooking, or DHall. Blank is in this business to make money! I'm sick to death of hearing MV referred to as Blank's "cash cow." You want to lay some blame on our recent losses, then how about laying some of it where it belongs, instead of trying to put ALL of it on Blank! Ya'll try to act like he's supposed to be some Ms. Cleo or something when your Nostradumas.ses didn't have any way of knowing how that was going to turn out either. Tell ya what... why don't you all pool your money and see if you can scrape up enough to buy a spot at the waterboy table. Then you can start exercising your oh-so-wise influence gradually from the sidelines. And by the time you've convinced all the coaches that your dadgum geniuses, it won't take long for you to make your meteoric rise to the FO where you can then take this shambles of a team and turn it around in one season, go 19-0, and create a true dynasty. By then, you should be able to afford to buy the team from Blank, and voila - problem solved! Until then, I really wish you'd all just STFU!

As much "harm" as some of you seem to think he's caused this franchise, it's just hard for me to understand why you refuse to see any of the good. Blinders, maybe? Hate will do that to a person. What's so hard about recognizing the good he's tried to do as of late, especially at the end of this past season? And your Falcons fans, for God's sake! You would think it would be easier for you to sit through a couple of losing seasons and give this new regime a freakin' chance to turn it around before you all start grading them an "F"! Oh wait. Oxymoron. You're Falcons fans... my bad.

I know this. I'm 100x happier w/Blank as an owner than I would be w/Al Davis or Snyder. Davis has a history of being a bumbling owner. Blank has a recent history of getting screwed by snakes and idiots. I for one tend to think that he's finally coming around, and can't wait for his new staff to show that they can build a winner here in Atlanta.

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