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They have a very great and updated list of Free Agents http://www.walterfootball.com/freeagents.php

They're mock for us isn't that bad either, although I disagree with our 1st pick with Dorsey and Long still on the board.

1 - Darren McFadden - RB

2 - Pat Sims - DT

2 - Chad Henne - QB

3 - Mike McGlynn - OT

4 - Heath Benedict - OT/G

It's only 4 rounds, it could be better, but it ain't that bad.

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Norwood32 (2/17/2008)
:w00t: http://www.walterfootball.com/draft2008matt.php Check out this guys mock for us. It's the exact same as mine! Just Collins and Henne switched around.

Yeah I like your mock with Henne/Collins switched as well. I'd rather make sure we get Collins, and if Henne goes before our second second, there's Flacco to fall back on, as well as some possibles in the 3rd.

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