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No pain...no gain


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The only way to put this team on the right trac for LONG TERM success is to do just what

Dimitroff is doing. Cut the fat. If you are the top or one of the top paid at your position-you must go. We must adapt the Patriots and other successful teams' philosophy and stop

making all of our players the highest paid at their positions.(See Mughali, Vick, Crumpler and

MeAngelo) Better to say bye to playersa year early than a year late.

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You are so right. WHy have 5 or 6 players max out the bucks, and we still suck? A year early is certainly better than the over paying and underpeforming players we usually have. Dimitroff is doing it right. I think that really, he did the cuts with Kid gloves. I think he clearly has been listening to the coaches, because realistically, Milloy, Brooking and Dunn could very well have been in this wave of cuts. I think that Smith and the defensive coaches see that Lawyer has enough in the tank to contribute on the field and in the club house, the same with Brooking. Warrick is one of those guys I think they want to keep, but at a lesser price, as he is so good for the franchise and the fan base as an ambassador of the game and a real face of hard work and grace.

There may be other cuts. I anticipate that Horn will go, Finneran will go as well. But I think that our new GM is doing it correctly, there seems to be no panic to this decision. Just cold numbers. We are paying alot to players that no longer have it. Alge may yet bounce back, and Rod may have a decent year or to. But realistically, they were big pay outs. We can get two players for what one of them were making. The PAtriots are a machine. They can take any of the gears on the bench and slot them in. IF we are to be that way, we need flexibility with our salary cap, great scouting and a willingness to do what it takes. We must stick with a system for a few years, give the coaching staff and the GM time to build this beast.

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