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Mock Draft + reason


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1. Sedrick Ellis-DT-USC~a no doubter since the loss of Coleman

Alt-Glenn Dorsey-DT-LSU

2. Sam Baker-OT-USC~this guy has been an all-american i think for 3 years, tough competitor that plays in tough compitition

2.Chad Henne-QB-Michigan~im sold on him, he has arm strength accuracy all of the "tangibles" that QBs are suppose to have

3.Matt Forte-RB-Tulane~hes our tough runner but we might not be lucky to get him here

3.Adarious Bowman-WR-Ok. St~hes our pos. reciever that we have long needed

Alt-Roy Schuening-OG-Oregon St.-for depth and future starter

4.Johnathan Goff-ILB-Vanderbilt~a tackling machine and with some mentoring he can start right away

5.Brad Cottam-TE-Tennesse~some say he will go earlier but i dont think so, he will be great in our scheme for blocking

6. Tony Hills-OT-Texas~might not be here but he is an outstanding player

Alt-Barry Richardson-OT-Clemson

7.Brandon Coutu-K-Georgia~we finally get someone to do the K and PK job we have long waited for

7.Brian Witherspoon-CB/R-Stillman-hes our devin hester

hope u liked it...plz comment

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