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Dills' Last PreCombine Non-Anderson Offseason


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1) Sedrick Ellis DT USC


We need to build this team from the line, in the trenches. Imagine a line with Ellis,Anderson, and Abraham!!!

2) Joe Flacco QB Delaware


We need a QB, and this guy looks like a stud 6'6 rocket of an arm, though he might be a project

2) Anthony Collins OT Kansas


OT is a need, this guy is a good longterm and shortterm fix

3) Matt Forte RB Tulane


This guy looks like a power runningback with decent speed, he would be an excellent compimnt to norwood

3 compensation) Phillip Wheeler LB Georgia Tech


An excellent Middle linebacker prospect that could take Brookings spot

4)Brad Cottam TE Tennessee


A big ##### TE with good hands could make loosing Crumpler a little easier to swallow

5) Drew Radovich OG USC


This guy outshined Sam Baker in the Senior Bowl , he could compete with Clabo for the starting position

6)Brandon Coutu K Georgia


Big ##### legs. nuff said.

7)Jayson Foster KR Georgia Southern


Fast as ****, could help in Kickoffs, Returns, and Punts

7) Fernando Velasco C Georgia


Provides Depth on the Oline, could compete in the future for the Center postion



Grady Jackson, another guy would make our D-line one of the best

Ken Hamlin: Would Soidify the Safety Position

Maurice Williams: Solid at the OT postion, could anchor it for another 2 or 3 years

Re signings

Michael Boley : One of the Best Defenders on this team if hes not resigned id be extremely pissed

Tyson Clabo: Compete for the Guard Position

Chris Redman: He should Start till Flacco is ready

Demorio Williams: An athlete , would be awesome if we could resign him


Joey Harrington: No explanation needed

Keith Brooking: Slow as ****, getting old

Warrick Dunn: Great Leader but needs to go

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I agree with Henne we do not need a project at QB . Anyway, this team will be a more run focused ball control offense all the Qb is going to have to do is manage the game and not turn it over and Henne can handle that.

Our 1st round pick needs to be Jake Long or Sedrick Ellis which ever is there. Round 2 lets look for Henne or Jonathan Stewart , we are going to need a big back to carry the load and Stewart fits perfectly at 5'10 and 230 .If Stewart is gone then O- line again Gosder Cherlius not a bad idea . We go RB in round 3 with either Jamal Charles or Ray Rice .

Flacco is a project and he needs to stay that way, we do not have time for projects . Besides we've already had our project at QB with Harrington, Leftwhich and Vick.

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