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Man, I forgot how exciting it was to watch the Falcons...


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that hurt to watch. well, not really actually. it was super fun to watch and remember how everything used to be, at least when we were competitive. its hard to think about all the garbage and horrible things that have happened to us since then.

oh well, nothing to do about it now. we got screwed and weve gotta keep movin forward. we can be a cinderella team next year i think, we certainly have enough motivation at our coaching staff's disposal to try it.

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Wild Bill (2/16/2008)
Where was the part where Vick flipped off all the fans, as he came crashing down in a weed induced, lethargic loss, once again, to finish 8-8 for the season?


I see you didnt read the title of the thead, which says " How exciting it was to watch the falcons" If it kills you so much go edit your own video and put that in there, dont spam a thread with crazy vick hating agendas. I mean dang it says in the video atlanta falcon 2006 highlights. If you dont like it dont spam the thread just go make your own video and there you go:)
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