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Well Now Since Crump Is Gone, Its Bout That Time...

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Now doubt about it Crumpler has done nothing but wonders while here in Atlanta so give him the respect he deserves. As for finding another TE is the issue now. I checked in the draft & dont know the draft order but its really only 3 TE's yall might consider, John Carlson, Dustin Keller, & Jerimicheal Finley. Check em out

John Carlson

Height:6'6/ Weight:256/ 40 time:4.70

Strengths: Terrific natural athlete...he has very good size and a big frame with long arms...Runs excellent routes and knows how to get open...has soft reliable hands...Has shown the ability to stretch the field vertically...Runs well after the catch...Good ball skills and body control...Above average blocker...very smart...A hardworking leader

Weaknesses: Timed speed is relatively average and he lacks burst...Needs to get stronger...Is not overly elusive or much of a big play threat...Could stand to show more power and use more leverage as a blocker...Is coming off a sub par senior campaign

Dustin Keller

Height:6'4/ Weight:240/ 40 time: 4.65

Strengths: Very athletic...Has soft hands...Good ball skills and body control...Adequate timed speed and can stretch the field vertically...Can do some damage after the catch...A solid route runner...Physical and very strong...Great competitor...Hard worker with terrific tangibles...Is versatile and can line up all over the field...Great production

Weaknesses: Average size and bulk...Will drop some balls...just an average blocker...isn't stout at the point of attack and dosent get a great push...Has some trouble beating the Jam...Minor injury's and make durability a concern...Wont be a good fit for every team

Jerimichael Finely

height:6'6/ Weight:230/ 40 time:4.60

NOt much on Jerimicheal but heres a terrific video

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Anderson, Courtney 80 TE 6-6 270 26 4 San Jose State

Blakley, Dwayne 85 TE 6-4 257 27 5 Missouri

Cooper, George 48 TE 6-5 260 23 1 Georgia Tech

Mart Millner TE

Ah , if you give some of these guys a chance I think you'll find that we won't miss a beat.

I'ma GT fan and I thinkg Cooper is way underrated and will be in the mix ot help fill the lose of Crump/ I think Cooper is for real.

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