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Did we all forget that this year was a test for all us "fans". Ever since the Mike Vick thing, we all knew it would take lots of patience and dedication for this team to stick by them. Yes, I am a falcon fan, and Yes I would love to see him in a falcon uniform, but I am still a Falcon fan FIRST. Although I now believe that Mike Vick is no longer coming back to ATL, and still plan to be a falcon fan no matter what. So, for all these so called "fans" that are jumping off the wagon right now after today's cut, you guys are just all failures, You guys failed the test. There won't be no meeting you guys on the crossroads, you guys can cross and not look back for all I care. I plan to be a fan no matter what happens, and i think these moves were the right thing to do, even though I think we should have traded crumpler, i still understand that our GM is alot smarter than me when it comes to these kinds of things. FOR ALL YOU TRUE FALCON FANS, THIS IS NOT OVER YET, STAY STRONG, STAY FALCON STRONG ahaha Ima will sit back, wait, and enjoy this ride. GO FALCONS.

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yea man im still sticking with the falcons because i believe dimitroff and smith will make great moves for this team, i mean yea he cut 7 guys but we cut them because of injury problems or lack of athleticism. remember we still have a long way with free agency and the draft, lets rebuild

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Crazy Trav (2/15/2008)
yea i really hope we dont go with a 1st round QB

such a waste of a pick

I could live with a Brohm in the 1st 15 picks. I could even live with a Flacco/Henne pick if we trade out of the top 15 in the 1st round. But Ryan on this team at all is unacceptable. I don't care if a QB has the best mechanics in the world. You just can't fix stupidity.

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