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Why?? The Long Faces People?? And Why? So Upset??


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First Of All..The coaches will allway's know more about a player than we will regardless of what we see and may read or write about..Secondly...Let's see where they are going with this..It's only 2 ways this can Go...It could be either a great start and a bad finish or a bad start and a great finish...either way it's too late to cry about it now...And At Last..What can we do??, but continue to be a true falcon fan and support our new players and organization until we get to the promise land..or pout and whine about it..Either way i'm A Deerty Bird 4Lyfe B4 Blank and his people and After Blank and his people, and we all should if not we didn't want ya'll fairweather fans no way...now back to our regularly scheduled program...

Well i knew some of our key players was going to get the axe anyway especially from all this rebuilding talk from all the coaches and blankman himself...so this doesn't upset me nor surprise me..but i will be pissed if we can't get a redzone TD this year or suck at getting one..or none of our receivers won't have at least 700 or more yards..and Crumpler is on his way to the pro bowl...or the falcons miss out on getting another solid DT and we end up with the worst or near worst DL again and Coleman has an outstanding year.. Wouldn't you??

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delaigle (2/15/2008)
I got to admit that I was caught off guard a little. I expected the cuts to come in a totally different order. I expected to see the 3/4 stringers weeded out first and then an attempt to trade or then release so of the injury prone veterans later.

I'm hoping this is rebuilding and I'll keep my season tickets. But then isn't this how "Corporate America" operates? Put people on the chopping block - even some top performers get "laid off", and nobody knows why they keep certain people, but they do. Then they cycle back to the same job openings again, needing someone like the people they once had.

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