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I don't get people who say "I've been a fan for 25 years, but this is the line and blank just crossed it by releasing crumpler!!!"

you were never a fan, you were a fan because of conveniance. you've lived in atlanta most of your life, and the team here is the falcons. that's why you like them.

me? i get really pissed when the falcons lose, and i've never had a better day when the falcons win.

i have no allegiance to any player. i loved vick, but as soon as it was evidant he was a dog fighting idiot, and his actions off the field started to hurt the falcons, i was no longer a fan of his.

if you ask yourself "would i still be a fan of this team if so-and-so was cut or walked?" and your answer is no, you're not a falcon fan.

i'll be glad to buy your tickets, no crank dat!@

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