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Now that we Cut Alge....

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We cut our best offensive weapon (other than Vick) the past 7 years. He was elected to five pro-bowls, in only 7 seasons. He had a reception in almost every game with the Dirty Birds. The Falcons claim he has injury issues but I don't understand where thats coming from. He only missed two games this year. And before that had only missed out on two when he became a full starter. Since we cut him we better get Witten or a better TE.

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Its definitely a good move if we switch to an offense that utilizes a blocking TE. But is Millner suitable for that role? Or are fans just all over him because he is another UGA player? I have a feeling thats what it is. He cant guarantee a catch but his blocking is decent. We will need to sign or draft a TE who can do both.

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if our offense doesn't utilize a pass catching TE what does it utilize?

have these guys ever heard of drawing up plays for the playmakers on the team?


if mike smith doesn't have a clue about how to use a player like Crumpler he should be fired

FalconMama (2/15/2008)
Our offense doenst utilize a pass catching TE.
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