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Given Today's Releases

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Assuming that we plan to draft a QB sometime after the first round, I'm in favor of cutting Joey loose as soon as one of two things happens:

1. DJ Shockley demonstrates that he actually has enough skill to play in the NFL, so that he can be the backup to Redman. Joey is then expendable.

2. We acquire a backup QB from the FA pool. Joey and DJ are then expendable.

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dchi194 (2/15/2008)
So if Leftwich gets the boot we should be hesitant to say that its a vote of confidence for Harrington right? Right? Please god someone say he'll still get cut?

Do we just assume that he will be brought back for camp and then released?

While I am guessing that they will let Redman walk. He is a FA, DJ will be back healthy (hopefully). If they draft Ryan he probably will not play this year. So this is how it will look QB ROATION: 1. Harrington 2. Ryan/DJ 3. Ryan/DJ

Do I agree with that? No. Harrington is a very smart guy, but he is not a great QB. He is not going to play all that much better behind a good OL. I personally believe Redman was our best QB last year and he gives us the best chance to win if we draft a QB and decide not to play him this year.

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As I said previously....Release Leftwich. He is dead weight. He would not be supportive being on the bench.

Sign Redman to a 2-3 year contract. Harrington remains #2 on the depth chart. If we draft a Rookie within the first 5 rounds, the rookie moves to #3 on the depth chart and DJ is released. If we draft a rookie after the 5th round, DJ competes with the rookie for the 3rd QB position. If we do not draft a QB, DJ is retained as the 3rd QB.

Why Harrington over DJ? Simply because Harrington has much more experience than DJ coming off the bench. Harrington's experience can assist in game preparation or during the game from the sideline. Harrington may see something that DJ would not see. I also believe that Harrington will perform better than DJ.

Redman, Harrington, either DJ or Rookie

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I think DJ is going to get cut unfortunately.

Right now we are probably going to draft a QB and they probably don't want two young QBs on the team.

Then again, the Pats had Rohan Davey at one time along with Brady when Brady was young.

So maybe there is hope for Shockley.

He passed the 1st cut. Gotta survive a few more before training camp

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