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what do you guys think about drafting this guy...

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Vernon Gholston 6'4 264 lbs, 40-time:4.75

I know the first thing that pops into people's minds are that "we already have a defensive end in Jamaal Anderson" But what scouts are saying that he will fit perfectly into a 4-3 or 3-4 defense as a SAM(strongside for those who don't know) linebacker. We don't have much of a pass rush attack once we lost Kerney and now only have Abraham, so I think this would be a great pick. The guy would make a tremendous impact starting because not only of his blazing speed but brute strength. I hope we get him and somehow pull a Jimmy Williams on Jeff Otah. For some reason I think this is the way this draft may head because Mike Smith said it himself, it all starts with the guys upfront on both sides of the ball.

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Gholston looks like a super hero. He is good, but I have heard from several TV guys that he is not as good as he looks. He is one of those guys that looks like Tarzan and plays like Jane.

According to his critics, his numbers get inflated against weak competition but he is stonewalled by good college OL's.

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We have more pressing needs than a player that might be able to play another position. If you are looking for an OLB, then there are plenty of good ones that will be around in the later rounds. One Example would be, Geno Hayes. He played the MIddle for FSU, but he is an OLB. I think they said he would most likely go in the 3rd or 4th.

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