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Dawg fans in case you were wondering.. Matt Drills are going on for the next few weeks..


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These guys are working their tails off.

Fred M said he is much stronger than last season. He is doing great. We will need to see both Fred M and Shaun C because B Southerland has a injured foot (hurt it in november) and he won't be available for spring practice it looks. I hope it doesn't linger into summer practices.

I will say this: This team has speed all over the freaking place. This defense may be the fastest ever at Georgia.

Here is some info on Richard Samuel:

Coach Casko said, "Richard called me yesterday (Monday) after Georgia had their team combine and said he ran a 4.39 in the 40 and put up 225 pounds 14 times."

He said RS was VERY excited about UGA, things were going well and that he was up a tad over 215 pounds already. I can't wait to see RS play at RB. If he is moved to LB (which I don't think he will now due to numbers) he will be terrific, but he gives uga that big back and he has soo much freaking speed.

Jeremy Lomax says he currently weighs 245 pounds, and hopes to be 255 by preseason. Admits his weight keeps fluctuating, due largly to a high metabolism rate.

JL also very excited about all Dogs' defensive ends and that Coach Fabris has said that both postions are up for grabs. Nothing against Battle at the other end, but the two best players are going to be the starters and everybody - Lomax, Battle, Wynn, Dobbs, Lemon, Houston, et al will all get the same number of looks.

Quintin Banks said the miniscus he tweaked against Troy is 100 percent...

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