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Taking a quick stab at our off season


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We have to re-sign Boley....no brainer. We also need to let Dunn, Coleman and Brooking go. I like all three, but the cap has to be relieved.....these cuts are painful but necessary. I would consider renegotiating with Coleman and Brooking, but the deals have to be good for the team and not impact the future.

Free Agency:

Ken Hamlin (FS). Should not break the bank but will require a serious offer. This guy has steadily improved and is now entering his prime. He is smart and has good coverage skills. We will need him to make the Cover-2 happen.

Maurice Williams (OT/OG). Mike Smith is familiar with him. He did a good job in Jax filling in at OG. He will be part of the OG competition and provide experience at the position. There will be other candidates such as Wahle, so this suggestion is still fluid.


1a: Sedrick Ellis (DT). I believe that Dorsey will be off the board, so Ellis is the logical choice. He will provide an interior pass rush and excellent character for the difficult year ahead. He has probowl abilities and should make his team mates better.

Here is the bombshell: We trade DeAngelo Hall for a late round first rounder. D Hall is a great talent and will do well in another system. However, his talents will not be used to their fullest in the Cover-2 scheme. D Hall will be signing a major contract in one year and we will have to spend the cap space elsewhere. I am not a D Hall hater, on the contrary, I like him for his passion. We should be fine with physical CB's that can redirect or at least delay WR's. The addition of Ken Hamlin allows us to make this deal. Jimmy Williams, Grimes and Irons are adequate alternatives (not one of them is a star, but they can all get the job done).

1b: Andre Woodson (QB). There are many critics out there that believe that Woodson is too flawed to be a first rounder. They are wrong. Matt Ryan fans point to his "intangibles." Well, Woodson exceeds Ryan's intangibles and raises with a lot more talent. We draft Woodson with the intention of sitting him for at least a year.

I believe that Bill Parcells is quietly planning on drafting Woodson at the top of the second round. Woodson is a lot like a former Parcells' QB (Chris Simms). Woodson is a leader, he is smart and works hard. He comes from a military background and will approach his career in that manner. He will not be a phenom, but he will be every bit as good as Rothlesberger or even Chris Simms.

2a: Sam Baker (LT). I don't see an immediate need for a LT. Weiner can handle that position for another year or two. However, you don't pass up on a natural LT in the second round. Chances like this don't happen often, so we jump at the chance. Baker is a classic NE-type OL....he is very smart, technically sound and dedicated. He drops into the second round because their are so many huge OT prospects that entice teams with their potential. We take the sure thing in Baker.

2b: Adarius Bowman (WR/H-Back). This is where Dimitroff shows that he is truly running this draft. Bowman had some issues in North Carolina several years ago. He had a Marijuana possesion charge. That is all behind him and he has been a hard-working model citizen since then. This guy blocks very well and has excellent hands....something our QB's desperately need. M Jenkins is on thin ice. Bowman is the heir apparent for the possesion WR position, if Jenkins stumbles.

3: Josh Barrett (SS/LB). He may be off the board by this time, but Safeties tend to slide in drafts. IF that happens, he is a great choice. This guy covers very well for a SS and hits like a ton of bricks. Some people say that he has LB possibilities. He may be an ideal Cover-2 LB. Either way, we get an excellent value pick.

Note: We tend to get shafted with compensatory picks, so I am saying that we will get a fourth rounder for the Kerney loss.

4a: Brandon Coutu (K). I admit that this is high for a kicker, but he has attracted a lot of attention. If we don't make this pick now, we will risk another season of worrying about how to handle kick-offs and FG's. Let's make this investment on a home town guy that has the goods.

4b: Xavier Omon (RB). Who? That's right, Omon. He is under 6'-0" and weighs 220 lbs. He runs low to the ground, does not fumble, has good vision and is powerful. He looks like Marion Barber when he runs. I don't know how good he can be, but he is an excellent "between-the-tackles" RB. Snelling could turn out to be our guy, but Omon is good insurance.

5: Fernando Velasco (OC/OG). This UGA prospect switched from OG to OC last year. He did a good job and proved that he has the smarts to handle the OC position. He is stout and will compete with Datish for the position.

6a: Jason Shirley (DT). This guy has the size and athleticism but has not lived up to the potential. At this point, we are talking about players that can fill roles. With our new DL coach, Shirley may improve his lousy technique and fit into the rotation. I don't see stardom here, but he could be an effective role player.

6b: Brian Witherspoon (CB). This little sprite can move. Rumors are out there that he has run a sub 4.3 forty. We will see about that. He is competiton for the punt returner position and probably nothing more.

7: Brad Listarti (TE). This U of Mass prospect has a good pair of hands and hustles. I see him as a valuable special teamer.

There you have it. Not every need has been met, but a foundation is set to build upon. The D Hall trade hurts, but could pay big dividends in the future. Who knows, maybe Hall will be traded for an established QB. I feel comfortable with my scenario as is.

I did not acquire a true MLB because I believe we can wait a year to go after a star MLB prospect in the 2009 class. The free agent acquisitions are realistic. Of course, I would prefer to sign Faneca and Haynesworth, but that is not going to happen.

My only regret is not finding a good pass rushing DE to add to the roster. Abrahams health makes me nervous.

There may be a few good undrafted rookies to look at. I like Shannon Boatman and Mycah Andrews.

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bgarcia28 (2/13/2008)
Matthew Pritts (2/13/2008)
YOu lost me when you drafted Woodson.


Give me Henne.

Henne had four years with a great cast of characters to support him. He is more like Griese than Brady.

I will take my chances with Woodson.

That's where you're wrong. Go look at Henne's #'s then see if you feel the same way.

Woodson is LEftwich v.2. No thanks.

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