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Bill Parcells - miracle man?

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I, for one, am somewhat peeved about Bill Parcells. Let's face it: Parcells is likely to come out of Miami smelling like a rose no matter what happens in with the Dolphins. If the Dolphins win some playoffs, it will be because of the "brilliance" of Parcells; if the Dolphins continue to struggle, it's because the Dolphins management failed to follow his expert advice, or perhaps just plain bad luck. In either case, the media will likely give Parcells all the credit and little of the blame. I also expect that if things don't quickly turn around in Miami, Parcells will promptly "retire" once again rather than continuing to risk sullying his reputation as a mastermind. The same would have been true if Parcells had come to the ATL instead.

Like the Falcons, the Dolphins really have no where to go but up. Therefore, what ever changes Parcells makes are likely to be an improvements. Also, the situation with the Dolphins is probably not quite as dire as the previous season's W-L record would have seem. Like the Falcons, the Dolphins have competent players who can be the base to build upon. As with the Falcons, major holes the Dolphins are the lack of a playmaking quarterback, a undistinguished O-line. and a generally lackluster defensive backfield - but you hardly need to be a "football genius" to see that much.

Personally, and especially in the long run, it may have been for the best that Parcells passed (rather ignobly, in my view) on the Falcons. So many fans seem to believe that Big Bill would come in, wave his magic wand, and instantly produce - at the least - a playoff-caliber team. Actually, I don't feel Parcells would do in the ATL, and will do in Miami, anything that any half-way competent general manager wouldn't do. For both the Falcons and the Dolphins, hiring Bill Parcells is like hiring Michelangelo to paint your house.

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