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Some thoughts on QB and the draft


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First, let me state that I am all about value--getting maximum value out of each draft pick, getting maximum value in each roster position, etc. I think you always draft for value and do not reach. When Dimitroff stated that we will draft for need, I believe he was saying that our draft picks will be made based on a person's fit with our team, not on how highly they are rated on analysts draft boards, or by other teams. But, we will still draft for value want the 9.0 even if we have to use a higher pick and even if it involves some reaching. QB is just too important, and hopefully he will be with us for a decade or more.

We all know that a development period will be necessary no matter who we pick, and we need to get on with it and start this development asap. The longer we put this off, the longer we have to go with Redman, Harrington, etc. We do not have a franchise QB now in my opinion.

Well, that's the logic, and now for reality:

* If Ryan is the 9.0, we need to select him with our first pick. I know a lot of posters on this board do not like him, but I am going to trust Dimitroff if this is his decision. Almost evey draft analysis has him as the top rated QB and an overwhelming percentage have him in the top ten.

* Brohm seems to be the second rated QB in most analyses. If we determine he is the BEST fit for us rather than Ryan, it gets a little more complicated. First, I doubt he gets to our second round pick. That means we can either take him with our first [3-4-5], trade down in the first round picking up an additional pick, or trade up into the first round giving multiple picks to do so. We will need to make sure that no team will be likely to choose him in the draft before we get him. I have been impressed with him more since reading recent analyses of the QBs in this class.

* Henne has been projected as a second rounder, but after his performance at Senior Bowl practices I think he even has a chance to get into the late first. At any rate, if he ends up rated our BEST prospect, we can risk him being available with our 1st pick in the second. With his experience in a pro style offense, strong arm, maturity and leadership, he may be taken before this. We may have to trade up to get him, or roll the dice and see if he is available, but risk losing him. I am not sure we can afford to roll the dice.

* Flacco definitely has the biggest arm in the draft. He did surprisingly well at Senior Bowl practices, and seemed to quickly be learning what the coaches asked him to do--the most notable being to take the ball from under center, and his footwork. IF he is projected #1 for our team, we can either take him with our first pick in the second [i would think he would be available there], or hope he is still available with our Houston pick in the second. But, I would not be opposed to taking him earlier in the second to make sure we get him. He has the physicals, but honestly, he did look a little lost sometimes at the practices, and will have a longer development period.

* Woodson, Brennan, and Ainge I can't imagine would be graded as the BEST prospects for our QB position. This is simply my subjective evaluation. If they are, the same "pick logic" would apply--reach if you have to, but get him. Booty is interesting because he is accurate, and has great experience with a great team. He just seems to be a west coast QB and does not seem to be a fit for us. Johnson and Dixon I don't have a good feel for but they are both under 200 pounds. Dixon will have a long development and there are questions about injury, and baseball.

Bottom line. Do our assessments and choose the best QB for our system. Do not risk losing him and having to settle for a QB who is not the best, and get him even if it involves a reach.

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