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We have all these other ridiculous boards that no one hardly uses and yet the 2nd most popular board is way down at the bottom and people have to scroll down a lot to get there - I know this sounds petty - but when you log on thousands of times, it is the waste of time to have to do this time-after-time-after-time.

It would be an "easy fix" your webmaster could do it today and it would also help out people posting their draft/free agent stuff in the proper forum without the mods having to move it. I post a lot of my draft/free agent stuff on "talk about the falcons" simply because there is a lot more eyes and i get more feedback here. However, I think if you moved the "NFL Draft/Free Agency" up on the website - that would help the traffic on the forum and cut down on misplaced topics in wrong forums.....

come on webmaster - do it today! :) - thanks!

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