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Falcons License Plates


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I live out of the State, so there is not much I can do about it. However, with a little effort on your part, you can make a very big impact. If I were you, I would contact the marketting department of the Falcons. Then, I would point out to them that Falcon tags are a very inexpensive way of promoting the team.

The next point that you make is that the appearance of the tag is vital to its success. Simply slapping the official logo on a GA tag will not get it done. The artwork has to be eye-catching as well as tasteful. They have an art department that should be able to come up with several versions....heck, they can even elist fans in a contest to come up with nice looking tags. If done properly, thousands of Georgians would purchase the attractive plates, even if they are not serious fans. And, if they are smart, they would change the look of the plates every three years.....to build a constant feeling of excitement.

The revenues from tag sales could be used, in partnership with Home Depot, to help Warrick Dunn with his housing project for single moms. This could be a major windfall for the Falcons and Warrick's foundation. All of this is possible, if you apply your fanmanship to this simple project. It would not take much of your time. You could do good to people you don't even know. And, at the same time, enjoy being a fan of the team.

Once the design is created, all they have to do is have volunteers show off a sample to fans walking through the gates. It should be a matter of minutes before they get 10,000 petitions signed. Imagine how grateful the Falcons would be if they suddenly saw thousands of Falcon tags driving around ATL and GA. You could easily pinch a pair of season tickets from them.

Think about it. Make it happen. I would do it, if I lived in Georgia.

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Eddie Jewell (2/12/2008)

I know they are both old sigs. Do we have any sig makers here? I need a updated sig.

prince213 (2/12/2008)
You have an old sig!!

Kerney, Coleman, Jasper, and Smith

Man that an old lineup!!

Eddieplaya, try this link for new sig possibilities. Don't know if darnik will make you one, but he said anyone can use any of these in this thread. There is a TON, some old, some newer, some from other teams, but he does nice work. When you click the link, do "Open in a New Window" cause it will take a minute to load.

Bunch of Sigs for MB Users

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I posted this last Friday:

Not really about the team but I went to the tag office to pay my yearly Birthday gift. I asked the lady about the Falcons Foundation license plate and she said they had 257 signatures so far. It's only $25 so I figured I be one of the 1,000(the number of requests needed by December) in line.

Here's the link --they still don't have a pic yet....


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