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lets start a list of possible nfl salary cap cuts

Jeffrey Olney

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Why is Crocker in that list?

He was much improved last year and does not cost very much.

And we are very shalllow at safety ... with safety probably being the thinest position in this year's draft.

Brooking will be asked to restructure ... Dunn is probably gone. Gandy is gone. Leftwich and Harrington are likely gone. DWilliams is likely gone. Horn Gone. Sanders Gone. Forney ... maybe gone. Finneran Gone.

Weiner stays. McClure Stays. Jenkins Stays. Crumpler Stays.

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trubirdfan4life (2/12/2008)
leftwich will be there because he is the only QB on our team to lead a team to the playoffs

and he has history with some of the coaches. I really would like to see what he can do for us... He was injured and had surgery in the middle of the season without the luxury of going to passing camps, mini camps, and training camps

NO leftwich is not a good qb and he almost cost his team a trip to the playoffs, not the other way around. only thing he can "lead" is a bag of chips straight to his belly

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