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Falcons Mock Offseason with 1st Round Mock

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Cuts/Retirements/Not Resigned

Wayne Gandy

Demorrio Williams

Chris Crocker

Quinn Ojinnaka

Kynan Forney

Joe Horn

Byron Leftwich

Joey Harrington

Warrick Dunn

Rod Coleman

Todd Weiner

Montavious Stanley

Free Agents Signed/Resigned

Dwayne Blakley - Is a good pass catching TE that the Falcons will need after a future trade.

Tyson Clabo - Has good versatility and has proven he deserves a shot at a starting job.

Maurice Williams - Good young talent that will replace Todd Weiner at RT.

Chris Redman - Played well at the end of the year and will be a good QB to hold down the fort while a young guy learns the system.

Chauncey Davis - Is a good situational DE that can spell Anderson or Abraham and be effective.

Grady Jackson - Grady combined with Trey Lewis will be a good combo at NT and Jackson wants to come back to Atlanta to play for Mike Smith.

Reche Caldwell - With the cut of Joe Horn the Falcons add a talented WR is Caldwell he will battle Jenkins for the slot role.

B.J. Sams - The Falcons bring in Sams to compete with Jennings for the PR role and also be the main KR on the team.

Michael Boley - One of the key players to build a defense around and Blank will make sure he stays a Falcon for a long time.

DeAngelo Hall - Though some on this board may not like him he is a great CB (not the best) and very young the Falcons can't just let that kind of player walk away.

Contracts Reworked

Keith Brooking - Can still be an effective LBer and always seemed to want to play in Atlanta for his entire career no matter what. For now he will split time with Stephen Nicholas and tutor him so that Nicholas can develop better.

Alge Crumpler - Is a good TE when healthy but he hasn't been able to do that. His cap goes down and allows the Falcons to make another move with him.


Atlanta Falcons trade Alge Crumpler to the Seattle Seahawks for their third-round selection - Seattle has been looking for a good TE and they get one better then they could have in the draft. Also with his reworked contract it makes him much more moveable add the fact that the future coach (Jim Mora Jr.) loved Alge the move makes sense to me.

First Round Mock

1. Miami Dolphins select Matt Ryan QB from Boston College - With Parcells taking over he doesn't care much about the old regime's players John Beck being the key one. From recent reports Parcells sees Ryan as another Drew Bledsoe and he loved him to a fault. Though Parcells likes building the lines there are problems with that plan is that none of the DTs fit the 3-4 and Jake Long has questions about if he can be a LT in the NFL. The only other possible selection here is Chris Long but Parcells love of a QB looking like the next Bledsoe make him pass up on him.

2. St. Louis Rams select Chris Long DE from Virginia - With the aging Leonard Little and an average starter in James Hall the Rams need a good DE. Chris Long is perhaps the safest pick in this year's draft and the Rams jump at the chance to get him. The Rams do wrestle with possibility of taking Jake Long but with the good depth at OT the decide to wait to the second round to address that. Chris Long becomes a starter on day one and anchors the DL of the Rams for years to come.

3. Atlanta Falcons select Glenn Dorsey DT from LSU - The Falcons look at a dominant DT and are very happy Dorsey falls to them. There were other options being considered but the Falcons front office seens problems with them. Darren McFadden is perhaps the most talented player in the draft but the Falcons stick to building in the trenches first. Though Jake Long is still on the board the Falcons like the Rams decide to wait to the second round to look at OT. Mike Smith should love Dorsey and will look to him to be the anchor for this defensive line for many years.

4. Oakland Raiders select Darren McFadden RB from Arkansas - Another example of Al Davis going for the big name over the smart pick. If Lane Kiffin is still the HC of the team by the time of the draft I think he will push hard for Sedrick Ellis as even if he didn't coach him at USC he saw him play and knows it is a need to bad that he doesn't have any say though. Davis shows why he should no longer be involved with running the team by taking McFadden when they have no O-line or an D-line that is losing talent.

5. Kansas City Chiefs select Jake Long OT from Michigan - The Chiefs continue to draft in the trenches and Long takes over at LT. He is a talented young O-lineman but the questions of his ability to play LT in the NFL let him drop to the Chiefs. His great strength and overall good blocking ability make him a rather safe pick as even if he fails at LT he has all the traits to be a good RT. Herm Edwards will be happy to get a good young O-lineman to hopefully build around for the future.

6. New York Jets select Sedrick Ellis DT from USC - Though Ellis is not a perfect fit at NT for the Jets they need to find a way to get pressure on the QB without having to blitz to many and Ellis should be able to do that. Ellis is looking more and more like a possible great DT and the Jets jump at the chance of getting him to be their pass rushing expert.

7. New England Patriots (f/San Fransico) select Mike Jenkins CB from USF - They have decent depth on the D-Line and without a dominant MLB they decide to go with the secondary. With the possible departure of Asante Samuel they will need a CB and Mike Jenkins fills that role well. The only other player they really consider is Vernon Gholston but decide to wait till later to address depth on the D-line and LB group.

8. Baltimore Ravens select Brian Brohm QB from Louisville - Brian Brohm is the second best QB in the draft and perhaps the safer pick compared to Matt Ryan. The Ravens really need a QB as Troy Smith doesn't look like a future franchise QB and Boller has never reached his potential. The Ravens do consider Ryan Clady but they see Jared Gaither as the future at LT once Ogden does retire.

9. Cincinnati Bengals select Keith Rivers OLB from USC - He fits there need perfectly as he could be a good OLB or ILB in a 3-4 defense. Though they could use a NT there is no one that fits that need that is worth this pick. The only other player the consider is Vernon Gholston as he would be a great player to start to build a 3-4 defense around.

10. New Orleans Saints select Leodis McKelvin CB from Troy - McKelvin has been on the rise for a while now. McKelvin has impressed scouts with his speed, cover ability and return ability and has moved up to around a top 10 to 15 pick. Jason David not living up to what the expected the Saints are glad to welcome one of the top corners in the draft this year.

11. Buffalo Bills select Malcolm Kelly WR from Oklahoma - Lee Evans had a bad year but he needs some help on the other side of the field to take pressure off of him. Kelly also adds something that the Bills don't have right now which is size (6-4) he will not only take pressure off of Evans but make a nice big target for a young QB in Edwards. The Bills get another playmaker on their team and overall become a much better team.

12. Denver Broncos select Kenny Phillips FS from Miami - Though the Broncos have Lynch he is getting older and the Broncos don't seem to have anyone to replace him. Phillips brings a great ballhawk that can also knock someones head off. Even with Lynch at FS I could see Phillips getting some playing time in nickel situations or playing some SS until Lynch retires.

13. Carolina Panthers select Ryan Clady OT from Boise State - As much as I would hate to see this happen this is the way it falls in my mock. Jordan Gross is looking like he will resign with the club but Wharton won't leaving LT open with that the Panthers glady snatch up Clady to hopefully dominate the great RDEs in the NFC south. Though he doesn't fit a zone blocking scheme perfectly he is far to talented for the Panthers to pass up on.

14. Chicago Bears select Rashard Mendenhall RB from Illinois - Though they have more pressing needs nothing jumps out at them. The Bears do take a long look at Chris Williams but decide to take the best talent which is Mendenhall. The Bears lack of confidence in Cedric Benson makes them pick perhaps the best RB in this years draft. Mendenhall becomes a great RB for the Bears and hopefully take some pressure off of the QB.

15. Detroit Lions select Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie CB from Tennessee State - He has been rising on draft boards ever since showing he can cover good WRs at the Senior Bowl. The Lions lack of any decent CBs makes this a very big need for them that they can't overlook right now. Cromartie has good size and combined with good speed makes him a rare talent that even Millen wouldn't be stupid enough to pass up on.

16. Arizona Cardinals select Antoine Cason CB from Arizona - Cardinals moving Antrel Rolle to FS makes the Cardinals in need of a number 1 CB. Antoine Cason like Cromartie has good size and speed he compares for me a lot to Leon Hall who was selected around this pick which makes him seem just right here. Cardinals hopefully finally get a great CB that just happened to go to a state college.

17. Minnesota Vikings select Vernon Gholston DE from Ohio State - The Vikings have been looking for a great pass rushing DE and they hope they found him in Gholston. Gholston takes a tumble in the draft as teams pass him up for bigger needs or they think there are better players still on the board. Gholston though gladly comes to a team with strong defensive minds and a team on the rise along with mainly having 1 on 1 battles considering they have such a strong group of DTs in the middle that need to take up 2 guys.

18. Houston Texans select Chris Williams OT from Vanderbilt - The Texans finally address what has been a problem since the day the franchise started. The Texans lack of a dominant LT makes this a need though they could use a Safety no one else fills that need. Chris Williams has shown he deserves to be a 1st round selection after doing great at Senior Bowl week. He could go higher but Williams falls because Clady falls.

19. Philadelphia Eagles select DeSean Jackson WR from California - Though DeSean doesn't have the greatest height his playmaking ability makes it impossible for the Eagles to pass him up. Eagles will also not only get help in the WR position but also in the KR and PR game which they have never found a great playmaker. The Eagles gladly accept what they see as a number 1 reciever and a dynamic PR/KR poetentially in the same realm of Devin Hester.

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Kentwan Balmer DT from UNC - Ever since Warren Sapp and Booger McFarland left the team they have been looking for a DT to replace them. Balmer has good height at 6-5 and can add weight to it, he also has good speed and is a solid tackler that had 17 TFL. His inconsistent play will hurt his stock but at pick 20 he is worth the pick.

21. Washington Redskins select James Hardy WR from Indiana - He brings great size to a rather small Wide Receiving core and will be a great addition. Hardys addition to the Redskins also allows them to move Antwaan Randle El back to his rightful place as a slot receiver. Overall the Redskins aren't that far away from the playoffs and adding Hardy could potentially put them over the top.

22. Dallas Cowboys (f/Browns) select Calais Campbell DE from Miami - The likely trade of Marcus Spears makes this a need for the Cowboys. Though Harvey is perhaps the better draft prospect Campbell is the best fit at this pick for a LDE in a 3-4 defense. Campbell has good size at around 6-8 ft and around 280 pounds he could add more weight and could easily take over at the LDE.

23. Pittsburgh Steelers select Jeff Otah OT from Pittsburgh - The Steelers will likely lose Max Starks and Marvel Smith could go next offseason so they prepare now. Otah has great size and should be able to play on both sides of the line. Otah is a good player that will help protect Big Ben for a while. Not to mention he is a local talent and the Steelers fans should love this move.

24. Tennessee Titans select Limas Sweed WR from Texas - This is just a no-brainer pick. Sweed has past history with Vince Young and the Titans really need talented WRs and Sweed fits in that group. Sweed should add a good over the middle reciever that can be another safety valve for Vince Young and with them already knowing each other there should be less of a learning process for the two to develop good chemistry.

25. Seattle Seahawks select Jonathan Stewart RB from Oregon - Stewart looks exactly like a Shaun Alexander clone and will be the rightful heir to the RB position for the Seahawks. Though Morris looks to be a good backup I think he is much more a Kevin Faulk like player then an everydown back. Stewart will upgrade the depth at that position and will be pushing Alexander for playing time.

26. Jacksonville Jaguars select Derrick Harvey DE from Florida - The Jaguars lack a good pass rush right now as Heyward is still looking to get back to his old talent. Adding a DE that can rush the pasher should be high on the Jaguars list and Harvey falls amazingly to this spot and the Jaguars gladly snatch him up to be there main pass rushing end.

27. San Diego Chargers select Pat Sims DT from Auburn - The great thing for the Chargers are they are in a position to draft for depth the look at RT and RB but decide to get some depth in the middle. The Chargers lack of any real talented depth at DT behind Jamal Williams make this a good pick. Pat Sims is a big man that can clog the middle pretty well in a 3-4 system and spell Williams to make sure he stays healthy and keeps him from getting tired.

28. Dallas Cowboys select Felix Jones RB from Arkansas - Jerry Jones dream situation would be to trade up and get Darren McFadden but the rest of the front office settles him down and he decides to get the next best thing in Felix Jones. The great news for Felix is that he won't be the main back and Barber will take a lot of pressure off of him but Felix will get the chance to be a great big play RB for the Cowboys.

29. San Francisco 49er's (f/Colts) select Early Doucet WR from LSU - The 49er's have no playmakers at WR, Darrell Jackson didn't live up to what most fans thought they were getting, Lelie was a nonfactor and Arnaz Battle was the best but is not a great WR. Doucet should add a talented receiver that can step up and hopefully for the 49er's take pressure off of Frank Gore and Alex Smith.

30. Green Bay Packers select Aqib Talib CB from Kansas - The Packers like the Chargers and Cowboys can use this pick for depth. Though Woodson and Harris are perhaps the best CB tandem in the league they don't have a ton of depth behind them and they are both getting older. Talib will bring both depth and competition for guys like Bush and Blackmon and perhaps start in the future.

31. New England - Pick Forfeited

32. New York Giants select Dan Connor OLB from Penn State - Kawika Mitchell play decently in this season but is a free agent and after a pretty strong showing in the playoffs could be in for a payday. I have no idea what they will do with the whole Mathias Kiwanuka experiment as he didn't seem to fare well there. Connor will likely have a place as a starter somewhere whether it be as a LOLB or ROLB.

Falcons Mock


1. Glenn Dorsey DT from LSU - The Falcons look at a dominant DT and are very happy Dorsey falls to them. There were other options being considered but the Falcons front office seens problems with them. Darren McFadden is perhaps the most talented player in the draft but the Falcons stick to building in the trenches first. Though Jake Long is still on the board the Falcons like the Rams decide to wait to the second round to look at OT. Mike Smith should love Dorsey and will look to him to be the anchor for this defensive line for many years.

Alt. Pick - Sedrick Ellis DT from USC


2A. Anthony Collins OT from Kansas - Collins is a great pass blocker that seemed to go unsung during the season like most O-lineman. He should add some young talent that adds consistency which will help Blalock not having to play with 5 or more LTs during the season. Collins along with Blalock should anchor this O-line for years to come.

Alt. Pick - Sam Baker OT from USC


2B. Joe Flacco QB from Delaware - Flacco wouldn't be my first pick here but I think he will be here and will be a good pick for years to come. Flacco has the size and a great arm but played in mainly a shotgun system and will need time to learn a pro style system but Redman will help there. I also like the comparisons to Big Ben as a QB like that should fit Mike Mularkey's system pretty well.

Alt. Pick - Chad Henne QB from Michigan (Sidenote is actually my first pick here but I don't think he will be here)


3A. Matt Forte RB from Tulane - Forte is the type of RB that I think Mularkey will see as the next Bus. Forte combined with Norwood should create a dynamic duo that will get the Falcons rushing game back on top. I think Forte just fits the Falcons likely new offensive system perfectly and that makes him the right pick here.

Alt. Pick - Tashard Choice RB from GT


3B. Jonathan Goff MLB from Vanderbilt - Has good size and can add some weight to his big frame. He has good size and looks like a very good run stopping MLB which is exactly what Coach Mike Smith usually likes in a LB. Not the best coverage guy but is good enough to be a big contributor on defense next year.

Alt. Pick - Vince Hall MLB from Virginia Tech


3C. (Comp Pick) Brad Cottam TE from Tennessee - From reading that the Falcons have been looking at TEs it makes sense they grab Cottam here. I have seen Cottam rated as a mid to late 3rd round selection so he thankfully falls to us here. Cottam has great size and amazing speed for a man his size. Right now I think we can get him here but a good combine could put him up in the 2nd round.

Alt. Pick - Jacob Tamme TE from Kentucky


4. Robert Felton OG from Arkansas - Having a high pick in these late rounds helps us again by netting us a good run blocking guard in Felton. Felton has good size and is a quality starter when it comes to run blocking but needs to work on pass protection. The good news is he won't have to be thrown into the fire right away with Clabo ahead of him which will allow him to polish his game more.

Alt. Pick - Jordan Grimes OG from Purdue


5. Tommy Blake DE from TCU - If the Falcons are lucky Blake will drop to this pick and be a good backup for Abraham. Blake's off field problems will be a flag along with his the questions of his work ethic but his talent is high and has great potential.

Alt. Pick - Jeremy Thompson DE from Wake Forest


6. Brandon Coutu K from Georgia - He is the best kicker in this draft in my opinion. He has a great leg that can hit up to 58 yards and some of them look like he could make from even farther. That along with his ability to kickoff make him the best overall pick.

Alt. Pick - Art Camody K from Louisville


7A. Doug Legursky C/OG from Marshall - I see his projections anywhere from 5th to a 7th round if he is here in the 7th then I say grab him. He is like Doug Datish or Fernando Velasco in that he can play many positions. Legursky and Datish will battle it out for the starting C job next season.

Alt. Pick - Marcus Coleman C from Wisconsin


7B. Haruki Nakamura FS from Cincinnati - For some reason no one is talking about him but lucky for the Falcons he drops since no one knows him. Nakamura has been talked about on this board before and has good skills.

Alt. Pick - Kelin Johnson FS from Georgia (pure homer pick)

Depth Chart


QB Redman/Flacco/Shockley

RB Forte/Norwood/Snelling

FB Mughelli/McIntyre

WR White/Robinson/Caldwell/Jenkins/Jennings

TE Blakley/Cottam/Milner

LT Collins/Pennington

LG Blalock/Wilkerson

C Datish/Legursky

RG Clabo/Felton

RT Williams/Dahl

Overall this will be a year for getting the young line experience and allow Flacco along with the other rookies to get playing time.


LDE Anderson/Davis

UT Dorsey/Babineaux

NT Jackson/Lewis

RDE Abraham/Blake

WLB Brooking/Nicholas

MLB Goff/Taylor

SLB Boley/Wilkins

CB Hall/Houston/Irons/Grimes/Sams

FS Williams/Nakamura

SS Milloy/Stone/Harris

This defense will continue to age but also get experience to the younger players and help prep guys to hopefully takeover the position next offseason in Stone, Nicholas and Lewis.

Special Teams

PK Coutu

H Koenen

P Koenen

KO Coutu

KOR Sams/Norwood

PR Jennings

LS Schneck

Coutu will be just like last years Mason Crosby and Nick Folk meaning he will become one of the best young kickers in the league.

Well that took a longtime around 4 hours according to the clock. Well all comments are welcome I please ask you don't flame this thread though I know that automatically means people will.:D

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1.absolutly love...he was so dominate in the sec

2.rather see Baker here but u do have him as alt pick

2.Henne is the man..and ur right he could go b4 that pick

3.Forte is absolutly a monster

3.Love Goff

3.Cottam wil be a good pick if ther...and say no to tamme...not big enuf

4.idk about felton becuase he needs to learn how to pass block

5.tommy blake IS a good player but i dont think we take him here

6.coutu is amazing

7.and legursky is a freak and id love to have him here

7.nakamura ive seen him once play and he was a beast on the field if he ran a 4.4 40 hed be 4sure not goin in the 7th

overall GREAT!!!

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great effort, great detail, and great reasoning - gonna have to give you an "A" - I don't give out "A pluses" so be satisifed with your "A":)

I really like Henne so I think the Falcons don't mess around if they like Henne and just take him with their first 2nd round pick - rather than wait on Flacco. I actually think both Henne and Flacco could be gone by the time Falcons second 2nd round pick rolls around - just too risky to miss on both of those guys....

love Forte', love Jonathan Goff, love Glen Dorsey(if healthy), etc.....I'm still very intrigued by Jake Long

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Boley59 (2/11/2008)
Good effort i like most of ur moves minus getting rid of todd mcclure. Datish is coming of an injury and we need some veteran leadership on that line. Ps Renaldo Foster would be a good option for a Backup tackle.

I know Mcclure likely shouldn't be released but I have always seen him as one of the major problems with the Falcons pass protection because he is undersized. I would much rather completely throw out the O-line last year as a whole and make it a big competition for the young guys and make an O-line that can grow together.

I completely forgot about Foster I was looking at the depth chart right now and completely forgot about him. The sad part is I really like Foster and think he has good potential to be a possible starting RT someday.

g-dawg (2/11/2008)
great effort, great detail, and great reasoning - gonna have to give you an "A" - I don't give out "A pluses" so be satisifed with your "A":)

I really like Henne so I think the Falcons don't mess around if they like Henne and just take him with their first 2nd round pick - rather than wait on Flacco. I actually think both Henne and Flacco could be gone by the time Falcons second 2nd round pick rolls around - just too risky to miss on both of those guys....

love Forte', love Jonathan Goff, love Glen Dorsey(if healthy), etc.....I'm still very intrigued by Jake Long

Thx for the A :D

I agree that Henne and Flacco could be gone by the time of 2nd pick but the problem is for I don't think Collins will last to the Falcons 2nd pick in round 2 and after Collins I don't see anyone that can come in and start at LT. Maybe Gosder Cherilus but the more and more I see, hear and read about him makes me think he is more and more destined to be a RT.

Just another note I plan on doing another one tomorrow since I have been reading posts about how the majority of mock drafts recently are the same so I am gonna do one that is not out of the realm of possibility but highly unlikely. (Meaning 3 maybe more trades)

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