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For what its worth

Herr Doktor

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From what little I have seen the Ryan kid from BC looks to be a solid player. Extremely articulate young man, humble, and a decent sense of humor. Seems very serious about getting better. And his overall ability seems to be solid. One thing that you can't teach is natural intelligence. This guy has it in truck loads. I honestly don't think that the Falcons should draft him. And its a shame. Had we been a more balanced team and not coming off that debacle we called the 2007 season, I'd say he would be perfect. But as it is, you have to believe the Dimitroff, McKay and Coach Smith must be looking at building both lines.

Its a shame. I think this kid is going to be a very solid pro quarterback. He has alot of Hasselbecks traits. And in almost any other year, I'd say depending on our pick, he'd be our guy. But building the line is most definitely what we have to do first. There is going to be great value in QB's in the second and third rounds, so I think we will come away with our future QB.

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