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How are christians oppressed in Egypt?


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So when a minority is actually permitted to live, they are only allowed to live off the garbage of the believers.

A dramatic example of what failure to submit to mohammad means to the dhimmi.

Do yourself a favor and take the time to watch this. The reporter risked much to bring this to us.


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1.) They're not forced.

2.) Looks like a lot of places in which Muslims live in Egypt. It's not just how Christians live. You think Egypt is a wealthy country? Egyptian teachers flee to richer Middle Eastern nations by the bunches. Most of my teachers in Saudi Arabia were Egyptian... and their pay wasn't impressive. They drove horrible cars.

Many Muslim Egyptian actors and singers (not all) grew up in slums like these. That's why the entertainment business doesn't have a rosy picture in the eyes of the Muslim public. To most Muslims in the Arab world, entertainers only sing and act because they couldn't succeed at anything else.

Why couldn't they succeed at other things? Just like a few of the Christians in the video said, they were never educated. That's all they know they can do.

There are 8 million Christians in the Egypt, about 10% of the population, and most of them don't live like this.

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