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Peterson's Phenomonal Season

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falconfanchernandez (2/10/2008)
Three reasons Peterson is in the Pro Bowl & MVP of ballgame.

1. Tony Richardson

2.Bryant Mckinnie

3.Steve Hutchinson

Drafting McFadden without the great run support would be a big mistake. You build yor team from the outside in.

ok well we have established that we are going to be busy this off season. so what if we signed a couple of young veteran o-lineman and then drafted Mcfadden? Just asking because i hear everyone talking about our line, or lack their of, but we have the money and we have some very good o-lineman out there who could solidify our line for years to come.

I say we fill the o-line through free agency, the defense and skill positions through FA & the draft.

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peterson actually breaks tackle, while RunDMC outruns. just look at highlights of both, and you will see what im talking about. the only thing they have in common is that they are both upright runners. do not get me wrong RunDMC can break some tackles, BUT he is not as good as All Day. RunDMC likes to stiff arm, and run.

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