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Worst Franchise in pro sports


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Currently what are the worst franchises in pro sports in everyone's opinion. Here are mine.

Baseball: The Tampa Bay Rays. It must suck to be in a division with the Yankees and Red Sox with a third of their payroll knowing that you have no shot at the playoffs from the first day of Spring Training.

Basketball: I was going to say the Heat, but the Knicks have all of this high priced talent and are doing nothing.

Hockey: I don't know crap about hockey. The league is a joke. Their games are on the Versus channel. What the h-e-double hockey sticks is the Versus channel? Name the last two NHL champions? I can't even name last years champ.

Football: I was going to say the Cards, but they appear on the cusp of turning the corner out west. I will go with the Lions. Matt Millen is an idiot. Their QB is also an idiot. They don't seem to have a clue. Just look at their past 5 or 6 drafts.

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