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Looks like Kate von D hates Jews


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Twinblade (2/8/2008)

It seems nobody likes the jews lol.

I don't know who she is but it's obvious if that's how she truly feels she's a bigoted little s.kank.
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From her myspace blog...

I cannot begin to tell you how disgusted and disappointed i am with the recent rumors that started circulating around town, all of which are COMPLETELY FALSE.

Against the advice of my publicist, agent, and others, I have decided to be completely open and honest about the following, because you guys deserve that:

For quite some time, on my personal website, I had a section for "Autograph Requests". At any time, ANYONE could go on there, type in their name and mailing address, and my assistant and I would send you an 8x10 photograph of me signed, free of charge.

Honestly, we started getting an average about 2,000 per day, and couldn't keep up, so we took that option down. Now, when people send us gifts to the shop, fan art, or write us from jail, we send out an autographed 8x10, usually personalized as a gesture of thanks and appreciation. Anyone, could get their hands on one of these 8x10s.

Unfortunately, one of these 8x10's got in the hands of an evil, insecure, and spiteful person, who thought it would be a good idea to FORGE this kind of trash.

For those of you that HAVE received signed 8x10's from me in the past, you can CLEARLY see that this is a slanderous case of FORGERY, FRAUD, and attempt at getting attention.

I worked at Miami Ink for quite some time, before friction began between Ami (the owner) and I started, all of which was fueled by insecurity, jealousy, and lack of work ethic, ALL ON HIS PART. After endless counts of trying to make it work, it was clear that ##### wasn't working out, and we all decided it was best to go our ways. I guess the old saying is true, "You can't shake hands with a fist."

But I always saw this as a positive new beginning... for the both of us! NEVER, have i wished the Miami Ink crew any harm - quite the opposite. In every interview after me leaving Miami, up until this very day, I always say how its a bummer things didn't work out, and even though I don't stay in contact with any of the guys, I wish them the best. And personally, I'm not the kind of girl that could harbor bad feelings inside. That always ends up making you a miserable human being, and i refuse to be that person. ##### happens, and you move on.

I did move on, and really focused on my tattooing, new shop, new crew, family, and myself. Consequently, La Ink was a success, and all the hard work truly paid off. But while everyone around us was supportive and happy for us, jealousy and fear grew in others, causing a feeling of desperation.

the next thing you know this fake 8x10 thing pops up, with much surprise to me. I mean, the first time I saw the actual photo with the writing on it, I almost puked, considering, those are things I would NEVER even think about, let alone write!

After serious investigation, all conclusions proved that it was NOT ME who wrote that junk.

And to think, the people I once loved and cared for like family, are the ones responsible for all of this. I've heard about strategic press, like a sex tape before the launch of a new season "magically" surfacing to the public, BUT THIS IS TRULY A SAD, SAD ATTEMPT.

I am in no way, planning on discussing this topic any further with press, and refuse to feed into this drama. this is what they want, attention. But I have always felt like my MySpace was a place where true fans go, and we can stay connected through my blogs and bulletins. This is why I feel this inclined to let you guys be aware of the truth.

Personally, I STILL don't wish anything bad upon the REAL culprit in this crime, but hope that one day, they come to the realization that living a life fueled by hatred will only make them unhappy in the end.

Thanks for those of you who took the time to listen to me, and continue to support everything good that we are trying to get across, because from the bottom of my heart, i love EVERYONE.

Yours truly,

Kat Von D

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