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2008 Atlanta Falcons


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I know I know, this will never happen. But part of being a fan is thinking like this. Please don't burn me to bad!!

QB--D.J. Shockley(3), Colt Brennan(15), Andrew Walter(16)

HB--Darren McFadden(25), Jerious Norwood(32), Jason Snelling(44)

FB--Ovie Mughelli(34), Corey McIntyre(38)

TE--Alge Crumpler(83), Martrez Milner(88)

WR-X--Roddy White(84), Michael Jenkins(12), Eric Weems(14)???

LT--Sam Baker(??), Quinn Ojinnaka(76)

LG--Alan Faneca(66), Ben Wilkerson(67)

C--Todd McClure(62), Doug Datish(61)

RG--Justin Blalock(63), D'Anthony Batiste(70)

RT--Tyson Clabo(77), Renardo Foster(79)

WR-Z--Chad Johnson(85), Sean Bailey(??),

LE--Jamaal Anderson(98), Chauncey Davis(92)

DT--Rod Coleman(75), Trey Lewis(97)

DT--Pat Sims(??), Jonathan Babineaux(95)

RE--John Abraham(55), Derrick Jones(99)

LOLB--Michael Boley(59), Marcus Wilkins(50)

MLB--Jerod Mayo(??), Tony Taylor(53)

ROLB--Keith Brooking(56), Stephen Nicholas(54)

LCB--DeAngelo Hall(21), Antoine Harris(41), Brent Grimes(43)

RCB--Chris Houston(23), David Irons(30)

SS--Lawyer Milloy(36), Daren Stone(39)

FS--Kenny Phillips(??), Jimmy Williams(24)

K--Brandon Coutu(?)

P--Michael Koenen(9)

Now Like I said its just me dreaming, thought it would make a nice conversation piece!!

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When you wish upon a star

Makes no difference who you are

Anything your heart desires

Will come to you

On the other hand...

They are the dreamkillers, they the dreamkillers

Who know a dream, they are the dream (killer Norman Bates)

They the dreamkillers, they the dreamkillers, dream

They are the dream (killer Norman Bates)

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sorry but i have to burn you buddy.:smooooth: i dont like the shockley, walter, brennan combo. all are very young and unproven. hopefully shockley would pan out but if he doesnt we would have a problem. walter couldnt play good behind oaklands line and will probably do worse behind ours. that being said brennan would be thrust into the starting spot very early which wouldnt be good. we would HAVE to have a vet or some kind of play w/ experience even if it is harrington.

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falconfootball (2/8/2008)
bigdawgintn (2/8/2008)
I guess everyone can dream even if it turns out to be a nightmare. We are trying to build a team here not bring in "ME" players like Johnson.

Johnson is not a "me" player. They are dikkin around w/him up there in Cleveland. I would welcome him w/open arms.

To the OP:

Go back to sleep, John. :)

I thought Chad Johnson played for the Bengels? And yes he is a me player, TJ is as good a player and you don't hear him complaining about the coaches, He should keep his mouth closed because they have a good team they just had a down year.

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He does. Apparently, I'm sleepy today too! :) I'll go back & edit it.

Chad is a flashy guy, but I don't perceive him as a "me" player. People used to say that about Moss, and now they don't so much now that he's w/a winner. Cincy is one good defense away from being playoff contenders, so I think he should stick it out there, too. But from the interviews I've heard, he just sounds unhappy. And he wants to take it to the next level, but seems to think that his superiors are blaming a lot of their poor performance solely on him, and that's undeserved. If they're shopping him around, well what does that say more? : "Chad, you're doing a great job and you're an integral part of this team." or "Chad, you're a good receiver, but we really don't think you belong here, or we think we can get better trade bait out of you despite all you've done for the team..." Is he even a FA this year? I don't know, cause i'm not in their locker room, but it just sounds to me like he's gettin' upset for good reason.

Besides, he would probably never come here, as he has as much as said he wants to join a team that can get to and win the big game. We're a ways away from that for now.

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The Falcon Ace (2/8/2008)
Anyone who would pass up on Chad Johnson is insane. Hello? Top 3 WR in the NFL this decade.

As for the starting 3 QBs, I nearly puked thinking of that.

Were fine on WR except Jenkins needs to go, I would puke if we got chad johnson. Too much money for him, they need to spend their money well and not on one player AGAIN. I would puke on the QBs too, Keep Redman and Shockley and trade for Derek Anderson, or Brady Quinn, or pick up Chad Henne or one of the others in the draft EXCEPT Colt Brennan and Woodson. In my opinion. ;)

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