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Who's the Most Fun Player to Watch on theTeam?


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Personally mine is Norwood, anytime he touches the ball and gets past our horrendous o-line I just watch with my jaw open and say "Ooh!" a lot our of excitement.

Other notables:

DeAngelo especially on INT returns.

Abraham when he has a good healthy tackle to take some pressure off.

Roddy White has some great plays as well.

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roddy is fun to watch when he picks up the yac and when he makes some catches most dont expect him to make. norwood is so explosive i think everyone is glued to their tv's when he is in the backfield. it is always fun to watch abe get the qb and boley is always around the ball. d.hall has great hands so if a pass goes his way and is within arms reach you know he will pick it off. its also fun watching houston and the rest of our youngsters develop.

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Norwood - Once he gets past the LOS, his ability to juke and fake people out are simply amazing. His acceleration when turning upfield in unbelievable as well. During the Giants game or in 06 on his two TDs he made half of the entire defense look stupid.

Abraham - Watching him push someone all the way back into a QB and then slapping the ball out of their hand is something to love. That or when he completely blows someone by and runs the QB over. The one time(I believe the Jacksonville game) where he ran down an open WR to save a big gain was sick as well.

White - Anytime you give him the ball in open space SOMEONE is going to get thrown aside or stiff armed. He is an EXTREMELY physical WR and I love it. A ture YAC WR.

Hall - When he goes lights out and decides that the WR IS NOT going to make a catch he does unbelievable things. What he did to Burress during the Giants game or the Panthersgame before the melt down was awesome. The FF for a touchback on SS during the 2nd game was sick as well. Anytime he gets some open space during an INT return it is amazing as well. I hate Shockey, he performed that illegal trip on Hall when it would have been for a TD. He is just SOOO FAST...

Boley - Watching him sack Peyton Manning 3 times or those huge stops he made in the Houston game really get me going. He is one of the most versatile LBs in the entire NFL.

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