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Gators get first commitment for '09


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Greg Reid didn t see any reason to drag his recruitment out. The 5-9, 170-pound athlete grew up dreaming of playing in Gainesville. Now that the dream became a reality, the Valdosta (GA) Lowndes prospect seems no reason to wait.

I actually committed when I was down there for Junior Day, Reid said. The environment is real serious down there. They care so much about academics. They re serious about football and academics. The coaches won t let anyone take things for granted.

It was an environment Reid was finally able to see from the other side. Coming to every Florida home game in the fall, he knows what it s like to sit in The Swamp on a Saturday as a fan.

The Swamp played a big role too, Reid said. They re 21-1 there under Coach Meyer. That s real impressive. It s so loud in there.

The atmosphere in The Swamp on Saturdays is enough to make some players commit on the spot. It just makes Reid want to go out on the practice field and work even harder.

It made me work even harder on and off the field, Reid said. When you re going to a game there and hearing the crowd, it makes you want to get to that level where all those people are yelling your name.

The Swamp has a national reputation for being one of the toughest venues for opposing teams in all of college football. Every recruit who considers Florida knows that. What Reid didn t realize until Junior Day was what else goes into Florida football. The family bond that goes on in the locker room between players and coaches was enough for him to commit on the spot.

The term Florida football goes even further than that. It s about the total package. The academic area of the University of Florida did nothing but make Reid want to be a Gator even worse.

80% of the team has at least a 2.8 GPA, Reid said. If you don t make it to the NFL, you ll still earn a good degree and be able to get a job.

The question surrounding Reid has never been athletic ability. It s more focused around where you put him on the field. His highlights show a player not afraid to make a game saving interception, the cringing big hit or the game winning touchdown run. The Florida coaching staff is already fighting over who gets him in college.

Coach Meyer said that they don t know where they re going to take me at, Reid said. He knows that I m athletic like Percy Harvin on offense. Coach Heater said he wants me to play cornerback.

If Reid could make the final decision of where to play, it really isn t a tough decision at all.

What I m hoping is to play defense, Reid said. That s the side of the ball that wins championship. I love to cover and make big hits. I still love to make people miss too.

The early commitment of Greg Reid leaves him with plenty of time to focus on his senior season. The defending state champion Lowndes Vikings lose senior running back Darriet Perry and Reid now becomes the offensive playmaker for the team. As his role on the field grows, it s his role off it that could be the most important.

I want to be the leader, Reid said. Not only in stats like tackles and interceptions, but vocally. I was talking to my head coach about that the other day. We re in spring practice right now. Out there, I m not the type of guy that s going to lie back since I got an offer from Florida. I m going to play with the same intensity as my freshman and other years.

Reid s versatility on the field during his career will bring an added dimension to the Lowndes team this fall.

Spring is a time when people are playing different positions, Reid said. I m not trying to brag or anything, but I ve played almost every position on the field and know what to do there. I m kind of like a coach to the other guys out there.

Regardless of the side of the ball Reid lines up on, one thing is already decided in his mind. Greg Reid will be a leader for the Gators immediately when he steps on campus. He also plans to show that throughout the recruiting process by helping recruit players to join him at Florida.

When I get to Florida, I m not going to be the type of freshman that s quiet, Reid said. I m going to make sure the guys know that I didn t come to Florida to lose. I m not going there to redshirt. I m going there to take somebody s spot. If you know you can play, you don t sit on the sidelines wishing it was you out there. You go out there and get it.

Reid believes the biggest asset to his game is the belief he has in himself. No matter what the situation is in the game, Reid always hopes that the opportunity is out there for him to make a play.

Self confidence is my big thing, Reid said. I want the ball to come in my direction every time because I know I can make a play.

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Jgator2113 (2/7/2008)
Ive been told Farms could be in the fold very soon. Meyer said at his press conference this afternoon that we will be very active in Georgia next year. It might vert well be the deepest talent pool in the history of the state.[/quote

Which is one of the positives with the dwayne allen event, we have that scholly for next year. With the attrition, UGA will have up to 20 scholarships they can take. Hey do you have a transcript or a link to the presser today for meyer? I would like to see that.

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