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Len Pastabelly had a quintuple bypass this week


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this was mentioned beirfly in a Jeff Schultz article, again, the source was ajc so it mostly is garbage that don't deserve a copy & paste.

Posted just in case anyone would like to know the Pastabelly nearly bit the bullet this week.

OMG, old Len will be on a diet now, maybe his comb over will grow back in some.

FWIW, Len does write some good stuff and so does Wyche, the others basically line the bottom of the sports journalism barrel.

get well Lenny!

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michaelgee (2/6/2008)
maybe his comb over will grow back in some.
Comb overs are hilarious. I don't know whats funnier, the way they look or the fact that the guy thinks he is fooling someone with it. I just don't know what could go through a guys mind that would make him think that if he grows his hair really long on one side and folds it over that it will look good. Never mind the fact we can still see most of their scalp.

Regardless, hopefully he makes a speedy recovery.

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