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Where you have heard BOGUS BS on the Falcons?

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I just wanted to ask everyone, here on the internet and all this AJC reporting things that seem to be for the most part untrue rumours about various things. Yeah some things are true but they are twisted facts sometimes. What I am talking about is Journalism that has gotten to the point of fabricating things to make money. So my question is :

"Where have you heard the worst reports? Or that is website, papers and stuff like that that?".

Keep in mind, with the advertising nowdays just clicking on a website so that they take a hit so to speak makes them money if you see the add.

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KFFL, Pro Football Talk, the AJC on a daily basis because they know that people can not differentiate between the bloggers opinion and those two lines actually in a quote. Also FoxSports screwed up big with the Vick for Moss trade about this time last year. Some people like to look at several sources to get an opinion but fail to realize they all are quoting the AJC. If it is not in quotes, it is an opinion is the conservative approach. The PFT Rumor Mill is just material for message board banter especially in the slow offseason but I do find their TurdWatch entertaining.

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