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Spags playing games?

Big Duke 6

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Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo is interested in the head-coaching job in Washington.

And if it means getting a big raise in our current job, we'd be interested, too.

David Elfin and Ryan O'Halloran of the Washington Times report that the Giants are preparing a contract offer that would include "a substantial pay raise" for Spagnuolo, who spent one year running the New York defense after eight years with the Eagles. Prior to that, Spagnuolo worked for a variety of colleges, with the exception of a one-year stint in Barcelona of the defunct NFL Europe (or whatever it was called in 1992).

Our take? Spags will be next year's Jason Garrett, if the Giants don't get blown off of the field in 2008. So why not wait to pick a job later instead of taking the last job left in the current hiring cycle?

The deciding factor could be cash. Redskins owner Daniel Snyder might be willing to pay Spagnuolo more of it than he could reasonably expect to make a year from now.

But control could be a big factor, too. In Washington, Vinny Cerrato is entrenched as the personnel chief and the coaching staff already has been hired for whoever gets the job next.

Through it all, Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that Jim Fassel is still the favorite for the gig, and we agree. In our view, the entire exercise of interviewing other candidates is aimed at allowing Snyder and Cerrato to claim that the organization performed its due diligence before deciding that the otherwise disregarded Fassel is the right man for the job.

Anybody else glad we didnt get into this mess?

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texasbirdfan (2/6/2008)
Just like Mora, welcome the 2009 NY Football Giants Head Coach after Uncle Tom retires

THAT, my friend, is right on the money! :) I wanted this guy so bad early on, but pretty much decided it wasn't going to happen after they beat Dallas. And now... well, shoot, he'd be crazy to leave NY IMO. Especially for the Skins, and even moreso for the Falcons. He can get paid where he is, the job security is in the bag, and even if the Giants decided against promoting him, he likely will be a "Jason Garrett" in the next year or two. Especially if he keeps up the good work against unforeseen stuff (i.e. Strahan's possible departure, injuries etc...)

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I'm think the Falcons will be happy with Mike Smith as coach and didn't wait around for Spags.

IMHO, when you get the opportunity for 15 minutes of fame in the NFL and are considered the latest 'hot prospect' in the coaching ranks, you get to play whatever games you choose with the owners of interested teams. Spags should capitalize on his current value and get whatever benefits he can, while he still can.

I'm just glad he isn't working Arthur Blank the way Parcells did.

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Everyone gets all whiney when coaches use other teams for leverage. Even when the person in question draws attention for other teams and their current team throws money at them to keep them people are calling foul and saying "leverage"

Now, how Parcells went about it is just foul and cheap but many of these other guys are just benefactors of being wanted.

What would you do with your current work situation?

What if another company showed interest in you and your current company found out and offered you the world to stay? Would you leave or stay with your current employer?

Is it leverage when something like that happens? I'd be willing to bet that most of us, yes me included, would stay and take the cash.

So why all the heat on these guys, they are human too.

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Welcome to reality. What did you think Spags was going to do? He wants the money - he wants to inherit a winning organization HC job. He was never going to coach the Redskins, or the Falcons. He knew exactly what he was doing, and good for him. He's going to be a wealthy man and inherit the ultimate HC job with the Giants.

Go Falcons.

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