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Interesting running back

Big Duke 6

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Keon Lattimore

RB, Maryland

War Room analysis

Strengths: Is a good athlete with the quickness and agility to change directions and make would-be tacklers miss. Shows good instincts to find the hole and get through it. Is a patient runner who follows blockers well and makes decisive cuts off blocks. Shows the strength and balance to absorb hard hits and keep on going. When aggressive, can lower shoulder to deliver a blow and knock defenders backward. Catches passes well, and is a good runner after the catch. As a pass blocker, identifies the correct man to block and uses good technique.

Weaknesses: Didn't carry the full load until senior season. Lacks elite athleticism, explosiveness and speed to be a home-run hitter. Runs upright, and thus could be a durability risk because he opens himself up to more hard hits. Does not always run aggressively, getting tackled easily if there is no hole. Lacks the strength as a pass blocker, often getting jolted and driven into the quarterback.

Bottom line: Lattimore is a muscular and well built back with the size and strength to be a strong and physical runner, but he must run with better body lean and aggressiveness to maximize his potential. He will shine in pre-draft workouts, but teams should not over-draft him because his ceiling probably is as a third-down back and quality backup.

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