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Frank's Red Hot Sauce

Brady and Moss decline

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Brady must have seen enough d-linemen in the Super Bowl to last him until August. I think he didn't feel like hitting the turf another 38 times this weekend as well.

Either that or he still hasn't stopped crying on Belichick's shoulder yet.

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BirdsOfPrey (2/5/2008)
Are they declining because they lost the Super Bowl? I wonder if the Patriots had won the game if they would decide to sit the Pro Bowl out. Your thoughts??

You have to know that the other players would be on their ##### all week about the SB.

"What happened Mr Record Breaking QB?"

"Tell me again Randy how the records don't matter if you lose the SB?...oh, oh, that's right you DID lose the SB."

"Hey guys where is "premature evacuation" Bill?"

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