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Miracle Off-Season Defense Makeover

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In this ideal off-season, Albert Haynesworth hits the free agent market without getting franchise tagged and we're in position to draft Glenn Dorsey. Realistically, Haynesworth will probably sign an extension or get franchised so we may have to pursue Shaun Rogers to rotate at NT with Trey Lewis and bring back Grady Jackson, and have to draft Sedrick Ellis instead of Dorsey.

Here's the roster after trades, cuts, signings:

RE: J. Abraham, FA/Draft Pick

NT: A. Haynesworth, G. Jackson, T. Lewis

DT: G. Dorsey, J. Babineaux

LE: J. Anderson, C. Davis

ROLB: S. Nicholas, T. Williams

MLB:L. Briggs, T. Taylor

LOLB: M. Boley, M. Wilkins

CB: D. Hall, C. Houston, D. Irons, Draft Pick

FS: J. Williams, C. Crocker, C. J. Gaddis

SS: L. Milloy, D. Stone

Haynesworth and Briggs are the two big free agent signings, Boley receives a 5 year extension, Hall, who is signed through 2009, can wait, Davis is a RFA and is tendered. C. Crocker is brought back on a small 2-3 year deal if hes willing. G. Jackson is signed to a small 1-2 year deal.

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